Get a platform that manages all aspects of financial interaction, in-game economies, real-world and branded currencies, as well as traditional user and subscription management.

Monetize your game with a comprehensive and flexible commerce solution.

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You’ve invested valuable time and energy to create an engaging gaming experience. Whether it’s a virtual world, massively multiplayer online (MMO), casual puzzle game or a social network, you want to see your efforts pay off. But in the midst of a creative development storm you aren’t necessarily thinking about managing customers and tapping revenue streams. Leave time-consuming transaction-management software development to us, while you follow your real passion: developing your next viral gaming sensation.


The Digital River gaming solution is a leading global commerce SaaS platform. With our comprehensive mix of marketing and commerce solutions, we will help you maximize revenue in and around your game while giving you the creative freedom that is core to your business. Take the direct approach to growing your online gaming business with our optimized online stores, subscriptions, virtual wallets, in-game item management, marketing, and payments.


To make a great game even better, you need the best monetization tools along with the smartest customer acquisition, conversion and retention strategies.


Acquire: Sophisticated marketing tools and growth into international and emerging markets
Convert: State-of-the-art technology combined with a highly experienced team to grow revenue
Retain: Loyalty programs, great user experience and email tools to turn a customer into a fan


Further optimize the experience for your users by customizing the flexible interface, business model or exposed feature set. Each module is connected through internal APIs and services for quick and easy integration with your environment on the web or in-game.


See What Digital River Games Can Do For You:


Run a Full-featured Financial Powerhouse
Partners, developers and publishers get world-class monetization solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily.


Implement a Highly Successful Business Model
Choose a generic turnkey solution or individually configured modules.


Process Millions of Transactions Daily
Open architecture solutions hosted on a comprehensive, carrier-grade service platform deliver reliability.


Extend Your Reach Around the World
Grow your audience while the Digital River gaming solution manages currency conversion, international compliance and market localization.


Expand Your Monetization Opportunities
Use plug-and-play modules to quickly integrate a variety of monetization and merchandizing approaches for traditional or free-to-play business models. Choose real money/virtual currency, micro transactions, subscriptions, and digital download or entitlement.


Attract Players or Encourage Engagement with On- and Offline Merchandising
Create new marketing opportunities with coupons, bundling of virtual and physical goods, promotions, discounts, preorders, daily deals and more.


Get a Complete Commerce Solution
Centralized back-end processes and centralized user accounts work across platforms to give you unified payments, anti-fraud tools and reporting. The Digital River gaming solution becomes your global Merchant or Seller of Record, screens for fraud and denied parties, and approaches international tax and compliance with proven capabilities.


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Digital River’s powerful suite of e-commerce solutions helps you reach new people through new channels.


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