2019 Year in Review: A Momentous Year for Change
2019 Year in Review: A Momentous Year for Change

2019 Year in Review: A Momentous Year for Change

By: James Gagliardi
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2019 was a momentous year for Digital River, and now that 2020 is upon us, we’re looking back at everything we achieved in the past year.

These three key themes were the driving forces of our year:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Developer Focus
  3. Commerce Community and Expertise

Check out our video to learn more about what we’ve been up to during the last 12 months and read on to learn more about the key themes that impacted our year.


In 2019, we focused on decoupling our all-in-one solution to meet market needs for more nimble and modular solutions that allow brands to combine best-of-breed technologies to build their ecommerce stack. The result was the successful launch of flexible, API-driven ecommerce solutions for Payments & Risk, Order Management, and Commerce.

New Partnerships

One thing we’re excited about is our expanding partner ecosystem that offers clients flexible options for supporting their ecommerce business. New technology partnerships enabled us to build connectors to the best content, commerce, subscription, and fulfillment providers who are pushing the boundaries of ecommerce. Our Magento, Salesforce, and WordPress connectors allow brands to control shopper experiences while relying on Digital River to provide the scale, localized payments, and risk protection needed for successful global expansion.

Building and maintaining a global ecommerce solution can be daunting. That’s why we’ve also teamed up with the brightest system integrator partners in the business, who are critical in building technology connectors and seamlessly integrating ecommerce systems for clients. They will continue to be valuable partners moving forward as we expand our partner ecosystem and continue to give our clients flexible options for growing their ecommerce revenue.

New Client Functionality

In addition to partners, we added flexible client functionality by broadening the ways that shoppers can choose to pay for their goods. For example, we’ve added new payment methods, recently enabling support for Apple Pay and Google Pay, two of the most popular digital wallets in use today. Additionally, we’ve migrated localized payment methods to our new JavaScript payment library, DigitalRiver.js, making it faster and easier for clients to update their stores with their customers’ preferred payment methods.

With e-financing growing more popular than ever, Digital River saw a massive global expansion of shopper-friendly e-financing options, enabling new options throughout Europe last year. Flexible payment options are particularly important for our clients: ecommerce stores that offer e-financing payment methods typically see 15% higher average order value, as well as improved order completion – nearly 30% of customers would not have made their purchases if e-financing options weren’t available.

Global Expansion

Globally, we focused on flexibility by constantly enhancing local experiences with support for new currencies, payment methods, and languages. Throughout 2019 and into 2020, Digital River is focused on widening its network of global fulfillment centers, as well as expanding country-specific payment methods and currencies. This global infrastructure gives brands the Onshore Advantage™ of delivering great localized customer experiences, no matter where in the world their shoppers are.

Developer Focus

As the ecommerce industry continues to grow and evolve, developers are beginning to play an increasingly larger role in decisions made by their company. With this in mind, Digital River created a more inclusive experience for developers in two primary ways:

  1. Moving from monolith to modular
  2. Offering a suite of new developer tools

Monolith to Modular

First, we decoupled our full-service model and embraced a more modular, API-focused strategy. Digital River’s best-of-breed technology capabilities allow brands to choose which parts of our services they want to use while allowing them to maintain control over their front-end shopper experiences.
From a developer standpoint, this shift to a suite of powerful APIs makes it easier to integrate our solutions into their brand’s existing ecommerce experience. Check out our press release for more information on the move.

New Developer Tools

Accompanying this new flexibility is a suite of new developer tools that were created to simplify integration and ongoing maintenance. These tools, alongside our documentation, can be found in our newly-designed developer portal experience.

We’ve also given developers and clients more self-service tools than ever – recently released features include self-service API keys and client email testing, with more on the way. We’re committed to giving developers an easy-to-use, self-service development experience from beginning to end. Our developer focus also led to the creation of a new API Sandbox, accessible via the Digital River Github.

Commerce Community and Expertise

2019 marked Digital River’s 25th year in ecommerce, and we celebrated by actively sharing our knowledge with the commerce community.

Commerce Connect Podcast

Digital River launched its first season of Commerce Connect Podcast, sharing insider stories and actionable advice from fellow members of the global commerce community. We heard from industry experts from Avast, Kaspersky, SmugMug and more, covering topics ranging from subscriptions to big data, and secrets to billing success. Commerce Connect Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.

Commerce Connect Events

At Digital River’s Commerce Connect events in San Francisco and London, we gathered commerce leaders to discuss and analyze industry trends, share ecommerce strategies, and provide insights on digital transformation and improving customer experiences. These flagship events play a critical role in Digital River’s engagement with our community, allowing us to collaborate with industry experts and share valuable insights and knowledge.

Client Revenue Optimization

Digital River made meaningful enhancements to our billing optimization technologies in 2019, which in turn will drive impressive revenue increases for our clients in 2020 and beyond. We’ve been hard at work using machine learning to find new ways to improve billing success, with initial testing showing significant improvements in recovery rates.

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

2019 was a momentous year for change at Digital River. We turned 25 years old, made huge strides to become a more flexible ecommerce partner, drastically shifted our technology strategy, and continued to lead conversations and innovation in the ecommerce space. We’re looking forward to sharing even more ecommerce insights and improvements in 2020!

Connect with us to learn more about how we can help your brand expand globally, grow revenue, and protect you from risk so you can stay focused on what you do best.