25 Tools to Help E-commerce Companies With Social Media

By: Chris Hoell

In order to have a successful social media presence, a company needs to build a community around its brand and products. Having the ability to listen to what customers, competitors and the rest of the social community are saying about a company is essential to getting great results from social media campaigns.

As anyone who’s done a Google search for social media tools can attest to, there are hundreds of tools available to measure, analyze and create reports that show a company’s engagement level. But knowing which tools do what is not the easiest nut to crack and making the wrong decision can cost a company valuable time and money.

Before choosing a tool, make sure to review the features and confirm that it fits your needs. I have yet to find the perfect social tool that incorporates everything a social marketer needs to use. Most paid tools give you some sort of trial so you can try before you buy. Take advantage of these before you make a final decision.

Below is a list of a variety of tools that are available to social marketers with a brief description of the features they offer. Some are real-time, highly customizable dashboards that allow a marketer to manage multiple social media accounts, delegate responses to the appropriate team member and respond across social networks with one click. Others are simple tools that provide the right amount of functionality for a new marketer.

  • Argyle Social

    A good tool for identifying and engaging with potential customers. Some reporting ability and keyword monitoring. Limited in the number of platforms that it monitors.

  • Brandwatch

    A tool that monitors what is being said about your company on the internet. It can also monitor keywords to track mentions, trending topics and other competitive information.

  • Buffer

    An app that allows a company to manage postings in multiple accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. A nice way to load links into the app at once and it posts them throughout the day so you don’t have to.

  • Crowdbooster

    A tool for analyzing how each post on social networks performs. Crowdbooster offers recommendations for how to enhance social platforms and create more engagement with an audience.

  • Facebook Insights

    A tool from Facebook, which is built into their platform, to allow page owners to get more insights about their content. It was recently updated to include more detailed information on posts and breakdowns of a company’s audience.

  • Feedly

    The end of Google Reader brought out many new apps to help find content. Feedly is an RSS reading app that easily adds new feeds and allows them to be neatly organized for easy reading to help you find good content to share with your audience.

  • Google Alerts

    A tool that provides immediate or daily updates of relevant Google search results based on your keywords.

  • Hootsuite

    A great social media engagement tool that enables social media teams to monitor multiple social networks on a single dashboard. It’s also a good tool to use if you need to monitor and connect with people on platforms that our outside of the U.S. (VK, Weibo, Orkut, etc)

  • Icerocket

    Another internet brand monitoring tool. This free tool allows you to monitor the web, blogs, Twitter and Facebook all on a single platform.

  • Klout

    A tool that helps find what your internet “influencer” score is, like an online credit score for a business. It used to be only for individuals, but savvy businesses learned how to modify it for their business. It recently launched Klout for Business to allow business to see who their influencers are and gives tips and tricks to engaging with them to help boost a profile.

  • MediaMiser

    Another content gathering tool. This web app collects and analyzes content about a brand from around the internet.

  • Netvibes

    A platform that gathers information about keywords you identify and analyzes the results with the help of real-time reporting tools.

  • NUVI

    A tracking tool that allows for real-time monitoring of keywords and measures the influence and sentiment of the post. See who is saying what about your company and engage.

  • Pinpuff

    A tool for measuring the overall influence, reach and virality of content you post on Pinterest. Pinpuff is basically like your Klout score on Pinterest.

  • Radian6

    A web listening tool that allows you to track conversations and keywords about your product and brand. It’s integrated with Salesforce to allow for easy lead tracking if you use SFDC as your CRM.

  • Shoutlet

    A social community management tool that allows users to track Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and YouTube. Many integrated features allow for coverage of all different angles in social.

  • Social Mention

    Free tool and a social media search engine that monitors social platforms for certain keywords or phrases in real time. It then provides insight into features such as sentiment, reach and other related analytics.

  • Sprout Social

    Business monitoring tool for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and other networks specifically where individuals interact with brands. It also has features that allow for content management, lead generation, insight into competition and social analytics.

  • Synthesio

    Social monitoring tool that is perfect for brands that have a presence on global networks. Has the ability to monitor campaigns, influencers, reputation and other information for large enterprises.

  • Sysomos

    Real-time social monitoring tool that monitors social networks for conversations relevant to your brand with insights and metrics.

  • Talkwalker

    Social reporting tool that scans social networks and the internet to monitor your brand and its competition. Also has integrated features that allow for the monitoring of social campaigns, customer service needs and other types of market research.

  • Tweetdeck

    Basic twitter monitoring and engagement tool that allows for the user to track mentions, keyword searches and other users.

  • UberVU

    Social monitoring tool that allows for tracking and user engagement on social platforms in real time.

  • Vocus

    Marketing and analytics platform that allows a user to incorporate all of their marketing efforts – social, search, email, PR, etc., and allows for businesses to analyze their data, engage with potential customers and retain current customers.

This is just a snippet of all the tools that are available for social managers. Before you choose the one that is right for you, make sure to do your homework. You don’t want to sign up for something only to find out it doesn’t meet your requirements. Have you tried any other tools? Have any favorites? Let us know in the comments section.

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