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By James Gagliardi / October 6, 2016

This originally appeared in MultiChannel Merchant. Many online shoppers today have a “thing” about commitment. Increasingly, their purchasing decisions are shifting away from a traditional “ownership” model where they buy a product and own it over the long haul to an “access” model where they pay for a subscription based on short-term access or actual…

By James Gagliardi / September 30, 2015

New Business Models The massive potential of the Commerce of ThingsTM isn’t lost on those of us who think about business for a living. Michael E. Porter, writing in the Harvard Business Review, observes that the increasing connectivity of objects opens up “new business models for capturing value.” We agree. Right now, subscription services allow…

By James Gagliardi / September 21, 2015

In my last post, I introduced the concept of the Commerce of ThingsTM—the way that connected objects will make transactions on our behalf.  But why should people allow objects to do business for us, with our permission and on our behalf? We think there are some excellent reasons why we’ll want to do exactly that….

By James Gagliardi / August 1, 2015

The Shoes of the Future Last year I backed a Kickstarter project called runScribe, a little connected device you clip to your running shoes. It tracks extremely fine-grained information about how I run, stores and analyzes the data in the cloud, and visualizes that information to help me run faster and with fewer injuries. At…

By James Gagliardi / June 8, 2015

I recently read an article in Direct Marketing News about the Internet of Things. It discussed how the attention shouldn’t be placed on just devices; but rather it should be placed on data, analytics and insights. Chief marketer at SAS, Jim Davis, suggested that this idea could be referred to as “the Analytics of Things.”…

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