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By Julie Graham / October 9, 2015

Email marketing is more than a mysterious channel that magically churns heaps of ROI. While it may seem that way from the distance of other channels, for those in the email trenches, getting noticed in the inbox, let alone transforming an email into conversion, is not alchemy. It takes solid strategies and an understanding of…

By Julie Graham / September 3, 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, BlueHornet surveyed consumers to better understand how they perceive and respond to email marketing. We found that as digital marketing continues its nonstop evolution, email continues to take a lead role in the emarketing mix. For a deeper dive into the research, check out the entire Consumer Views of Email…

By Julie Graham / April 16, 2015

According to BlueHornet’s Consumer Email List Management Report, 95 percent of B2C companies say email list growth is an important measure of success for their marketing programs. However, 74 percent find that their email lists are growing slowly or not at all. So how do you expand your list while maintaining data quality? What are…

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