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Powering Your Global Ecommerce Growth

Take the complexities out of selling online. Whether you’re compiling best-of-breed providers into a single sophisticated solution or looking for an all-in-one ecommerce provider, we have the tools and expertise to help you grow your business around the world.

Step into new geographies with confidence.

Global reach, local partnerships.

We help brands reach new markets in months, not years. We’ve done the heavy lifting, building a global infrastructure made up of 26 local acquirers, 9 local entities, 120+ payment methods, and 46 currencies. All that infrastructure gives brands the Onshore Advantage™ of delivering great localized customer experiences.

Local expertise. Everywhere.

We’ve built the infrastructure needed to support your global growth. That means offering the right language, payment methods and currency that global customers expect, without surprise foreign transaction fees after the purchase. This ability to act local is a competitive edge that can only be gained by having a selling entity in the local jurisdiction. It’s estimated that the time and cost of establishing a local entity can be over 2 years and $2M per market. With Digital River, you get this Onshore Advantage™ right away.

A platform that knows how to scale.

We’ve built flexible APIs made for global expansion. Order orchestration, payment processing, taxes, fraud protection, compliance – you name it, we’ve got it covered. Connect our Commerce, Order Management or Payments & Risk solutions to the CMS, DXP, or commerce provider of your choice. Flexibility that’s ready to scale.

Peace of mind.

We support you with everything from adhering to regional taxes and compliance to the nuances of local culture. Relax, we’ve done this many, many times before.

Grow your revenue. And grow. And grow. And grow.

Acquisition and retention. The best of both worlds.

When striving to grow revenue it’s no surprise that many organizations focus on customer acquisition. Long term growth however requires retention too. With 26 local acquirers worldwide, Digital River empowers brands to sell in the most rewarding economies around the world with greater success. By enabling the Onshore Advantage™, we help brands increase global authorization rates by 8-15%, and reduce cart abandonment.

Machine learning. Conversion optimization.

To further grow revenue, Digital River uses machine learning to identify where and when to route a transaction for optimal success. As a result, brands increase subscription renewal rates by 8% or more.

"Digital River’s extensive global knowledge has helped us expand our reach to areas of the world that we would have never been able to enter into this quickly without their expertise and systems. Thanks to them, our business is flourishing and promises major global growth in the years to come."
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Your brand. Your reputation.

Keeping pace with an ever-changing landscape.

Every new market comes with its own ever-changing array of hazards and complications. The complexities and risks of paying the appropriate tax authorities and complying with local regulations are things that cause executives to lose sleep at night. With our merchant and seller of record business model, we shoulder the risk so you can rest easy knowing you’ve handed off these complexities to the experts.

400,000 reasons to trust us. Every. Single. Day.

As you expand into new geographies, it’s critical that you protect your brand as you grow. You must create the same experiences, and crucially, the same levels of customer confidence in every single country. Payment and risk management sits at the heart of everything we do, giving you unparalleled access to localized expertise. It’s why our customers trust us to take care of up to 400,000 transactions on a daily basis.

Safety in numbers.

By monitoring all of our client’s sites we can identify fraud patterns from anywhere in the world. We’ve blocked over 10 million fraudulent transactions since 2012. You benefit from our community data from thousands of ecommerce sites in more than 190 countries. Meaning more safe transactions go through, while fraudulent ones are blocked.

82% of consumers expect to be able to purchase directly from a brand’s website.

Ready for the ultimate ecommerce solution for global growth?