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Localize your Checkout Experience with our Quick and Easy Drop-in Integration

By: Andy Carrane
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When selling online beyond your domestic market, localizing your checkout experience is critical to conversionYou’ve done the hard work of luring them to your site, persuaded them to click the ‘buy’ buttonand now it’s time to close the dealThe last thing you want at this point is to lose customers 

Cart abandonment is the main reason why many online merchants fall short of their revenue growth goals, and it’s the direct result of not localizing the checkout experience Remember, what works in your domestic market will not always work in other countriesIf you want to increase conversions and revenue globally, you need to act local. That means displaying the right local language, currency, and preferred payment methods to your international shoppers 

Another important consideration for your store’s checkout is compliance. To protect you and your customers, you’ll want to make sure your store is staying compliant with GDPR, PSD2, PCI, and other regulations. As online sales continue to grow throughout the world, governments are taking action to protect consumer privacy and collect revenue from commerce sales. The global landscape of regulatory compliance is complex and ever-changingIf your store is not compliant with local regulations, you can put your business at risk. 

To simplify it all for you, Digital River has developed a unique Drop-in integration for your online checkout. It’s a quick, easy, and customizable way to localize checkout and accept payments globally. 

How Drop-in works: 

1. Implementation

Incorporating Drop-in is as easy as placing a few lines of code where you would like your customers to see the payment fields. The result of that minimal one-time development work will automatically render secure payment fields, a ‘PAY NOW’ button, and localized payment methods and legal disclosuresIt’s a way to future proof your stores and save hours of lost productivity from developers modifying code. 

The localization of language, currency, payment methods, and legal disclosures is all dynamically displayed based on your shopper’s IP address. So, if your shopper is located in Germany, they will see German Deutsch, with Euros, preferred payment methods (PayPal, Visa, MasterCardand any customer-facing disclosures required by the European UnionWhat your customers see will look something like the screen below, but Drop-in does allow you to customize using your own CSS to match your branding 

Here’s an example of the minimal code you would need.  

Here’s what it would look like to your customers, with the caveat that the actual appearance depends on the shopper’s location and any CSS style changes you make. 

2. Payment Acceptance

When the shopper proceeds to checkout, your server automatically submits create checkout request to Digital River and Drop-in then dynamically displays available payment methods. Fields that contain sensitive information (e.g., credit card fields) are contained in iFrames hosted on Digital River servers and all credit card information is captured in a PCI compliant manner. For certain payment methods like Klarna or PayPal, Drop-in redirects the shopper to the appropriate hosted payment page for entering payment details before returning them back to your branded checkout experienceWhen the shopper clicks on the ‘PAY NOW’ button, a response is generated to show that the payment was either successful or if there was an error. 

3. Legal Compliance

What makes Digital River’s Dropin integration truly unique is the automation of compliance within the checkout experience. Everything from PCI compliance, PSD2 compliance, to the privacy policy, to terms of sale, and legal disclosures unique to the shopper’s location are all pre-configured and automatically displayed. As global regulations change, your online business stays compliant without having to do any additional work. It’s truly a game-changing easy button that automates compliance and shields you from risk wherever you sell.

4. Payment Method Updates

Another convenient feature of Digital River’s Drop-in implementation is the automation of deploying new payment methods that become available. No development whatsoever is needed on your end. As new payment methods become availableyour checkout can be automatically updated Working with your Digital River Customer Success team, you determine what payment methods you want to provide to your shoppers. What used to take weeks of development work is now fully automated and instant    

To summarize, Drop-in does the following:    

  • Provides a quick and easy implementation method for localizing checkout 
  • Enables you to accept payments in a PCI compliant manner 
  • Streamlines PSD2 compliance and other legal requirements  
  • Automates deployment of new payment methods 
  • Allows you to customize your checkout style 

Localizing your checkout experiences is essential for growing your international ecommerce business. And now with Drop-in from Digital River, it’s easier than ever to do.  Drop-in is part of Digital River’s Global Seller Services, a merchant of record solution that simplifies checkout and all the complexities that happen after the ‘PAY NOW’ button. Leading brands choose Digital River for our 25+ years of ecommerce experience and guidance, along with our ability to eliminate risk and complexity.   

Want to learn more about how your brand could benefit from our Drop-in integration? Connect with us today.