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MyCommerce Explained

By: Jackson Cuneo
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MyCommerce is a solution to the risk and complexity of international ecommerce. It’s designed to enable SaaS or digital goods businesses to confidently grow and thrive in the global marketplace.

Global selling is a multi-faceted, complicated process, and with complexity comes risk. Brands with worldwide ambition need to have a strong understanding of international tax law, compliance, and financial reconciliation while also being able to tackle localization challenges that can significantly impact conversion rates and slow your business down.

Here we’ll look at the key features of MyCommerce including the platform itself, localization services, subscription management, and security.

What Is MyCommerce?

MyCommerce gives businesses instant access to global payments, subscription management, compliance and fraud protection, and support for international tax.

A configurable and turnkey cloud commerce solution, it enables brands to reach their customers across the globe while increasing revenue, removing friction from the checkout experience, and optimizing billing.

In short, MyCommerce is an offering that simplifies the complexities of global selling, accelerates revenue accrual, and supercharges ecommerce performance.

Key Features: MyCommerce

  • Unlock the potential to access 220+ global markets
  • Easy integration with no IT support required – running out of the box or integrated via APIs
  • Compliance management covering tax and fraud security
  • Payment and streamlined subscription management
  • Configurable checkout solutions with localization baked in
  • Access to affiliate, marketing, and reseller programs

Let’s break down each of the key areas to help understand how the MyCommerce platform can support and enhance global ecommerce.

How Can MyCommerce Help Businesses With Localization?

Language barriers and frustrating checkout experiences will stall a brand’s global ecommerce ambitions at the first hurdle. MyCommerce provides a range of solutions to ensure that wherever in the world your store is being displayed — it’s seamless for the visitor.

The platform removes obstacles to conversion by ensuring easy navigation, fast page load times, and a frictionless checkout experience regardless of the device being used. This turns global shoppers into local buyers.

The ability to satisfy local consumer preferences is crucial to global selling success, which is why MyCommerce offers a range of customizable checkout templates to encourage efficiency at the point of sale.

There are also features that optimize content based on location via IP geolocation to ensure higher conversion rates, providing an optimal ecommerce experience for customers in their language and with their preferred payment method.

Key Features: Localization

  • Language, currency, and payment method localization
  • Intelligent payment routing to optimize conversion rates
  • Intuitive design with a streamlined checkout flow
  • B2B selling features

How Does MyCommerce Support Subscription Services?

Retention is everything when it comes to a successful subscription service. Even a small increase in churn can have a huge impact on a brand’s bottom line.

MyCommerce offers businesses the processes and the tools to keep on top of everything from updating preferred payment methods to expired payment cards.

In doing so, the platform’s billing optimization tool helps to reduce payment declines, allowing teams to focus on delivering the value that grows the subscriber base and keeps customers coming back.

Key Features: Subscription Services

  • Payment routing via the industry’s largest local acquirer network
  • Pre- and post-expiration billing attempts
  • Visa and MasterCard ‘Account Updater’ prevents card declines
  • Flexibility for customers – upgrades, downgrades, and free trials
  • Reporting dashboard to monitor and optimize your service

Growth Acceleration Using MyCommerce

MyCommerce offers a full suite of self-service tools to help any business set up and manage their online storefronts with lots of flexibility straight out of the box. This provides the resources required to encourage browsers to become buyers through appealing merchandise displays and tailored promotions — accelerating growth across global markets.

It’s simple to create product launches, promos, and offers, as well as cross- and up-selling, and if any help is required, Digital River’s dedicated support team is on hand.

For those looking at accelerated subscription growth, access the potential of AI in your ecommerce solution with automation, helping to improve renewal rates and reduce churn. Businesses also have access to affiliate program tracking, reporting, and payouts through MyCommerce, which are all fully automated and executed via the platform.

The built-in dashboard also allows brands to review the performance of sales, track marketing effectiveness, and seamlessly integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Key Features: Growth Acceleration

  • Smart subscription renewal
  • Managed affiliate and partner programs
  • Streamline your marketing
  • Optimize your performance

Is MyCommerce Safe? Fraud, Compliance, and Security Risk Protection

Security is paramount when it comes to global selling. With the complexities of cross-border regulations to contend with, the last thing any business needs is to have concerns about fraud in addition to this.

MyCommerce is offered through Digital River and, as a Merchant of Record, we assume liability for all transactions that are processed and any customer data that are collected on a company’s behalf. A huge benefit of the solution is the peace of mind in knowing that currency conversion, chargebacks and refunds, fraud, taxes, and processing costs are taken care of.

Risk is mitigated across the board, as our accountability to MyCommerce business clients means they avoid any errors in filing or legal compliance (i.e., GDPR, PSD2) that could lead to fines, issues with tax collection, revenue loss, or damage to brand reputation.

Digital River is a PCI Security Standards Council Member and our data management ensures PCI compliance and provides the highest levels of controls, governance, and security. As technology continues to advance, tougher legal protection is needed to protect both businesses and consumers. We can help to manage compliance in a highly changeable market environment.

Key Features: Security and Compliance

  • Complex regulations, tax obligations, and fraud security handled
  • Evolving technology and data compliance safeguards
  • Brand protection via Merchant of Record liabilities

What Support Is Available For MyCommerce Clients?

Digital River’s team of experts is here to help. We’re dedicated to providing the best service possible and supporting an optimal experience for our clients and their customers.

Our self-service portal allows businesses to manage their MyCommerce account, orders, and subscription services hassle-free.

We also have a list of frequently asked questions to support prospective and current clients.

Is MyCommerce Right For My Business?

Success in global selling doesn’t happen overnight. It requires careful planning, cultural understanding, and a commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. MyCommerce supports businesses with all of this.

Of course, every company is different, but by implementing MyCommerce into your operations, you’ll be well on your way to boosting your cross-border performance.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your global sales strategy. Interested in learning more about this and plenty of other ecommerce insights and cross-border finance topics? Our Ecommerce Resources have got you covered.