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5 Ways to Optimize your Global Ecommerce Business with Digital River and Salesforce B2C

By: Kathleen Phillips
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Expanding into new markets has never been more necessary or more complicated. When you’re busy growing your business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of scaling your ecommerce operations to meet new global tax and regulatory requirements.

What can you do to keep operational costs down?

How can you control the growing number of technologies, vendors, and processes piling up?

How do you offer the right payment options and ensure seamless purchase experiences?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Digital River has partnered with Salesforce to launch the Digital River LINK cartridge for Salesforce B2C. This new pre-built integration seamlessly ties together the front-end shopper experience you create using Salesforce B2C with Digital River’s complete back-end solution for protecting and optimizing your global business.

Here are five ways the Digital River LINK cartridge for Salesforce B2C can simplify your global ecommerce expansion efforts and grow your revenue potential.

1. Accelerate time to market

The Digital River LINK cartridge allows you to open and optimize new markets in an average of six weeks or less. That’s because we have the local infrastructure, tax registrations, and banking connections already established on your behalf. So, instead of spending months or even years establishing relationships and laying the groundwork for operations, you can use one simple integration and start reaching new customers in less time.

2. Simplify your direct channel

Staying on top of tax and regulatory compliance requirements is one of the most complex and challenging aspects of selling directly to consumers in new markets. The Digital River LINK Cartridge simplifies those complexities for you. Backed by our global team of experts, the integration ensures that you stay compliant, prevents fraud, and increases authorization rates without having to invest additional time or resources.

3. Consolidate technologies

If you’re looking to simplify your B2C ecommerce operations, this is your answer. Adding the Digital River LINK Cartridge to your Salesforce B2C store gives you a single solution for mission-critical back-end processes including payments, fraud, taxes, regulatory compliance and financial reconciliation. Instead of working with multiple vendors and experiencing the headaches and costs that can cause, you get a single platform with connections the leading payment providers pre-integrated. Because of this consolidation, Digital River clients experience an average of 20% to 30% reduction in operational costs.

4. Increase your profit margin

The Digital River LINK cartridge not only reduces operational costs, but it can also help optimize your global ecommerce revenue. That’s because Digital River routes payments through local banks, unlike cross-border processors. The result is a localized checkout experience that minimizes declines and eliminates surprise foreign transaction fees. By processing payments locally and using innovative billing optimization technology, Digital River clients see an increase in authorization rates by as much 30% in some markets, and an average of 8% to 15% worldwide.

5. Unite front-end and back-end experiences

Back-end processes like payments and fulfillment are just as important as your front-end design for ensuring premium customer experiences. The Digital River LINK Cartridge ensures an enhanced customer experience with flawless ordering and checkout, while your brand experiences seamless fulfillment and reverse logistics on the back end. Meanwhile, Salesforce does two important things: enables you to control front-end customer experiences and acts as the system of record for customer data, which is crucial in running an efficient and optimized global ecommerce business. This helps strengthen brand loyalty while alleviating responsibility on your team to manage these processes.

As you look to grow and improve your direct ecommerce channel around the world, ask yourself if you have the resources and processes in place to scale and meet the challenges of new markets.

With the Digital River LINK cartridge for Salesforce B2C, you can remove traditional barriers to global expansion, simplify your operations, minimize risk, and grow revenue like never before.

Ready to take your Salesforce B2C store global? Contact Digital River today to learn more about how our powerful integration for Salesforce B2C can drive extraordinary results for your brand.