Bridging Security and a Positive Payment Experience

By: Ryan Stewart

Shopping and buying online should be as comfortable and convenient as strolling through a physical store. Intuitive navigation and site design with visually enticing product promotions shape the experience that displays, signage, lighting and welcoming staff would traditionally deliver at brick and mortar.

Any points of friction, such as a page which is branded differently, can confuse the customer and reduce sales.

Until recently, merchants generally have used two traditional methods for managing their payments pages and ensuring their online transactions comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). Each method has created compromises to the shopping experience and to compliance costs:

Two traditional ways to manage secure payment pages.

  • HOSTED – As shoppers enter their sensitive card data, they are redirected to a form on the e-commerce provider’s PCI-compliant server where the data is captured. This option reduces the merchant’s PCI compliance requirements, but can impact the customer’s shopping experience, by creating a shift to a generic payment interface and displaying an unexpected web address.
  • SERVER-TO-SERVER – A developer integrates your server to the e-commerce provider’s server. This method enables merchants to preserve the look and feel of their customer’s shopping experience –but at the same time leaves them assuming the burden and responsibility for meeting full PCI compliance and absorbing related costs.

The progressive approach to a seamless payments experience with low risk and infinite reward.

  • LEGATO JAVASCRIPT INTEGRATION When the shopper submits payment information, a server call is triggered behind the scenes to send the sensitive information through a single-use token to be stored on the e-commerce provider’s PCI-compliant server. This seamless integration means your customer stays in a familiar and comfortable environment controlled by the merchant but the merchant no longer needs to carry the PCI burden.

Legato enables a PCI compliant payments solution that literally plugs into the shopping experience. If we don’t expect our shoppers to compromise, then why should we?

Visit the developer portal to learn more about Beanstream’s Legato Integration and to download and test the code.

Beanstream is a Digital River company

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