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Jabra takes their global business to the next level with Digital River

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The Intro


The Customer

Jabra, a part of the GN Group, has been breaking into new frontiers since 1869 and has revolutionized communications for customers worldwide by continuing to transform lives through the power of sound.

The Challenge

Jabra needed a cloud solution built for global that would increase brand awareness, foster customer relationships across multiple markets and ultimately drive revenue.

The Solution

Digital River offers 20+ years of global ecommerce expertise to help quickly expand into desired markets and significantly increase sales and revenue.

“Digital River has worked in concert with our goals to grow our business in smart, secure and sustainable ways. We will continue to look to Digital River to provide powerful thinking, comprehensive cloud commerce, payment solutions and marketing services to help grow our business on a global scale.”

– Jonas Forsberg VP of Global Online Sales and Marketing


Locales added around the world since partnering with Digital River


Increased sales YOY from global growth

The Story

Jabra is proud to be among the brave and inventive collection of people who’ve been breaking into new frontiers since 1869. The GN Group revolutionized communications by laying the world’s first submarine cable, carrying a telegraph line linking east to west; bringing the world closer together.

The pioneering spirit of the GN Group has inspired Jabra to break many boundaries of its own. The world’s first ultra-noise-cancelling microphone, Bluetooth® headset and sports headphones with integrated heart-rate monitor, are just a few of the innovative products Jabra has created for consumers worldwide.

Jabra understood that building a direct-to-consumer ecommerce channel offered tremendous opportunity to grow its brand and develop deeper consumer relationships across multiple markets throughout the world. Jabra attempted to launch its ecommerce efforts independently, however they quickly realized the limitations, complexities and risk that accompany a global ecommerce platform. After independent attempts failed, Jabra decided to rely on the expertise of Digital River.

In just one year, Jabra expanded its presence from a U.S. based store to a global brand that has a footprint of 22 locales across three regions. This rapid growth has helped increase sales over 500 percent YOY while strategically aligning with Jabra’s overall global plan.

Today, Jabra is one of the fastest growing Digital River clients both in terms of sales and expansion into new markets. Together, the pair have collaborated in demand marketing to drive and convert site traffic, accelerate customer lifetime value, and optimize speed. Most importantly, Jabra has been able to create strategic and seamless channel diversification—building its direct-to-consumer channel in a way that has supported and brought growth to its retail channel.