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PMI partners with Digital River to drive demand and global growth across multiple channels

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The Intro


The Customer

PMI is a global leader in designing, marketing and manufacturing food and beverage solutions - revolutionizing the way people enjoy food and drinks around the world.

The Challenge

In pursuit of growing their direct to consumer channel, PMI desired a partner that could offer a scalable and flexible platform in addition to a variety of self-service tools that would allow for robust catalog management, merchandising and promotions.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation of nine different ecommerce providers, PMI partnered with Digital River.

“Digital River had a solution to everything on our wish list. We understand their knowledge, combined with the global services and capabilities they offer, will be instrumental to expanding our direct to consumer approach and drive demand for our products around the world.”

– Mike Bross, President of PMI


Days to launch first online store


Increase in addressable market in two months

The Story

Founded by Rob Harris, PMI has transformed over the years from a trading company to what is today, a global brand marketing and product development organization with over 550 employees in five offices around the world. The company is parent to a number of recognizable consumer brands like Stanley®, Aladdin®, and Migo®, and has also created private label products for select global retailers like Starbucks.

Prior to their 2015 launch with Digital River, PMI was using a third party ecommerce provider that was unable to meet their needs as a growing manufacturer. They needed an enterprise ecommerce solution to execute strategic plans and increase demand and global growth for their brand, while maintaining support and increasing awareness around their retail channel. They sought the expertise of an ecommerce leader that could create strategic and seamless channel diversification—building their direct-to-consumer channel in a way that supported and brought growth to their retail channel.

Since September 2015, the PMI and Digital River teams have aligned forces and are driving growth through global locale rollouts of additional brand online stores, demand marketing and balance brand investment optimization. PMI is seeing strong sales on their Stanley brand and is enjoying site traffic metrics through the roof.

By utilizing Digital River’s expertise, eliminating their risk and executing demand marketing campaigns, PMI has successfully and strategically grown their brand while creating awareness, support and ultimately, growth around their retail channel. The momentum is continuing to grow and PMI is positioned for continued success in the marketplace.