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“Digital River is a good fit for software firms and branded manufacturers that want to get to market quickly, outsource part or all of their operations, and need to operate and sell globally into developed and emerging markets.”

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The Forrester Wave™: B2C Commerce Suites, Q1 2015, January 23, 2015

Go Direct. Go Global.

For more than 20 years, Digital River has partnered with consumer electronics, housewares and appliances, apparel and other consumer goods brands to launch and maintain successful ecommerce sites. We support leading manufacturers like Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Jabra, BlackBerry, Furla and Electrolux to help them control their brand experience, amplify their customer relationships, and drive significant revenue from direct to consumer online transactions around the world.

Rise above the rest—expand into any region to build your global brand. Deliver the right localized experience for each region with local payment methods, tailored content, regional promotions and marketing campaigns to sell effectively for each locale. There are no limits to your global reach and revenue potential.

Expand into new global markets

  • 244 countries and territories where we do business
  • 18 local entities to support local payment processing
  • 190+ bank connections around the world

Localize the shopper experience

  • 26 display languages
  • 108 display currencies & 46 transactable currencies
  • 1,100+ experts in 22 offices around the world

Deliver physical merchandise around the world

  • 65+ pre-integrated global warehouse locations
  • Multi-sourcing cross-border infrastructure
  • 2.5 million shipments to over 100 countries a year

Key Segments We Support

Consumer Electronics
Expand your sales opportunity beyond the walls of big box retailers. Control your brand experience and sell your phones, televisions, laptops, tablets, cameras, stereos, digital fitness trackers, headsets and other electronics directly to customers.
Housewares and Appliances
Tap into key market segments to expand brand awareness and exposure to your products. Increase sales of your home appliances, cookware, décor and furnishings, gardening equipment and other household items with a direct to consumer online channel.
Consumer Goods
Harness the power of selling direct to escalate sales growth of watches, apparel, handbags, sunglasses, containers, durable goods and other popular consumer items from nearly anywhere in the world. Stand out from your competition by creating a superior brand experience.
Sporting Goods
Own the relationship with your shoppers and gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior for your sporting and fitness equipment, athletic apparel and outdoors outfitter merchandise to offer your shoppers access to your brand with the convenience of purchasing online.

Increase customer satisfaction. Reduce channel conflict.

There is a misperception that a direct to consumer channel will compete with your retail channel. In fact, these two channels can coexist in harmony and support each other. To generate the greatest revenue opportunity, global brand growth and customer lifetime value, it’s important to define the specific purposes and implement sales strategies for both. Read the following materials for insights on how to own your brand experience and control a positive relationship with your shoppers through your direct channel, while fostering a healthy relationship with your retailers.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Self-Service Store Management & Merchandising Tools

Order Management
& Fulfillment
Digital Marketing
  • Store administrative tools
  • Advanced shopping cart features
  • Product information management
  • User management
  • Data asset management
  • Configurable pricing
  • Channel partner management Learn More
  • Where to buy retailer referrals Learn More
  • Comprehensive reporting
Shopper Experience
  • Advanced merchandising tools
  • Promotions
  • Dynamic web content management
  • Localization
  • Product recommendation & personalization
  • Searchandizing
  • Private stores Learn more
  • Search engine optimization
  • A/B testing
Commerce Business
  • Order orchestration
  • Tax calculations
  • Fraud management Learn more
  • Inventory management
  • Physical fulfillment Learn More
  • Customer service support plans Learn more
  • Subscriptions & recurring billing Learn more
  • Conversion & customer LTV strategies Learn more
  • Advanced analytics
  • Creative design & UX services
  • Site optimization
  • Usability testing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Targeted emails
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display & retargeting advertising
  • CRM strategies
  • Loyalty programs

We Support Some of the World’s Leading Brands

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