Software & Services Industry Solutions

Consumers are more connected than ever. They expect to buy anytime, anywhere, and from the device of their choosing. Our software and services ecommerce solutions help you meet those demands.


Digital River has been helping software companies sell directly to consumers since 1994. We are a leader in digital product sales, fulfilling more than two million digital product downloads a year, including entitlements and digital rights management. We count more than half of the world’s top software publishers as our clients, including Microsoft and Adobe.

Whether you want to optimize an existing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, move your software to the cloud for the first time or introduce altogether new, software-focused business models, Digital River’s software industry ecommerce solutions will help you to drive success. We can upgrade your program, reduce your operational overhead, minimize your risks to grow your business and increase your sales.

Software & Services Industry Solutions


Digital River currently accepts 200 payment methods, ensuring that your customers can buy in their local, preferred payment method.

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Fraud Prevention

Our fraud detection and prevention system, Transaction Defender, has access to global community fraud data collected from hundreds of millions of transactions worldwide.

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Global Expansion

We provide a seamless expansion of your business into compelling international markets and channels while minimizing impact to infrastructure or administrative requirements.

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Subscription Solutions

Whatever your business model and product mix, take advantage of our fixed, tiered and pro-rated pricing, multiple billing terms, metered billing and subscription plans.

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Digital Fulfillment Solutions

Key Services

Digital River can provide digital rights entitlement services or can integrate with your existing service.


Solutions for capturing gifting messaging and third-party recipient information in checkout.

Digital Inventory

We manage digital rights inventories, provide audit trails, reporting and account reconciliation/tracking of digital rights dispensed.

Authenticated Downloads

We offer authentication at content distribution level for cached, very large digital downloads or confidential downloads.

Mixed-Media Transactions

Digital River platforms allow both physical and digital products in one cart and one transaction.

Framework and Application Logic

Full web services framework and application logic for Digital Rights Management (DRM), Digital River revocation, entitlements, asset management and differentiation of new license versus renewal.

For information on physical fulfillment, go to the Global Fulfillment page.

Digital River assisted with 2.16 million digital downloads last year.

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