Electronics Manufacturing

The Customer

Pioneers in the social, environmental, mechanical, healthcare, automotive electronics and industrial automation industries, Omron's products are focused on contributing to a better society.

The Challenge

Omron required a partner that could develop a more holistic marketing plan and do the work to make it sustainable.

The Solution

By partnering with Digital River, Omron now has an effective, holistic marketing strategy that is improving consumer loyalty and producing incremental revenue growth.

"Working with the MarketForce team has completely transformed our digital marketing strategy. They've acted less like an agency we hired and more like an extension of our team. They don't just define the strategy once and run with it - they are constantly asking the right questions and making improvements based on their research. Their breadth and depth of knowledge far overreaches what I expected when we began working with them. They will be a key part of Omron's Going for Zero initiative to eliminate heart attacks and strokes."

– Jennifer Prouty, Senior Ecommerce Manager


increase in organic channel revenue


more sales attributed to email


of total store revenue attributed to MarketForce programs

The Story

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Omron was founded in 1933 under the name Tateisi Electric Manufacturing. Their premiere product was a timer for x-ray machines–the first capable of operating accurately at a speed of 1/20 of a second. After this success in innovation the company went on to develop the first Japanese-made precision switches, including the “dream switch” capable of withstanding more than 100 million cycles. In the 1960’s-1970’s, Omron continued to push the boundaries of innovation with the first automated traffic signal, the first ATM and the first fully automated unmanned train station system.

In the mid-1970’s, Omron created a health engineering department that collaborated with medical associations and schools across Japan. In this department, they studied methods of collecting biometric data, and produced a digital blood pressure monitor and thermometer. This commitment to the health sciences is prevalent in Omron’s work towards “Going for Zero,” a generation that will not have any heart attacks, heart disease or strokes. One of Omron’s primary goals today is to learn more about health through their products to prevent these diseases.

In 2012, Omron partnered with Digital River as their ecommerce provider. It led to working with Digital River’s MarketForce agency to develop an effective marketing strategy. Today, Omron trusts Digital River with their entire ecommerce webstore digital marketing strategy.

Omron and MarketForce: A Strategic Partnership

Omron started their relationship with MarketForce in October of 2014, working in an area that the MarketForce experts identified as a place Omron could not afford to lose: paid search. MarketForce also established a top-of-funnel targeted display ad program, and implemented an always-on retargeting program, to maximize success and ROI. By August of the following year, MarketForce programs were contributing to more than 1/3 of Omron’s overall webstore sales.

Impressed by this result, Omron expanded their relationship with Digital River to grow their organic search presence. MarketForce’s skills were put to the test to create an effective search engine strategy to grow Omron’s digital brand. Omron’s trust in Digital River paid off, as by September of 2016, MarketForce had grown Omron’s revenue for their online store by 75%.

Interested to see where else MarketForce could provide value, Omron expanded their strategy again by focusing on enhancing their customer experience. They worked diligently with MarketForce’s Site Optimization team to gather user testing data, conduct webpage testing and compile competitor research. Their commitment to continuously bettering their digital experience has improved consumer loyalty and produced incremental revenue growth.

Already in 2017, Omron has adopted other programs within MarketForce, and continues to see powerful results. This spring, they partnered with the Creative Services team to rebrand and redesign their site. Working in tandem with Omron’s agency, the Creative Services team launched a commerce-driven site experience which integrated seamlessly with Digital River’s Global Commerce platform through a suite of APIs.

They also enlisted Digital River’s agency to improve their existing email marketing program. MarketForce has since helped manage their audience segmentation, as well optimize their messaging cadence, allowing Omron to create valuable touchpoints at each point in the buying lifecycle. Although the year isn’t over, they’ve already seen an 85% increase in sales generated through email marketing alone.

Omron’s partnership with Digital River’s MarketForce agency has grown steadily due to the positive impact these programs have had on Omron’s revenue and customer relationships. Today, over 60% of Omron’s webstore revenue can be attributed to these programs. Omron is looking forward to a successful future with MarketForce’s digital marketing experts on their team.