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Canary chooses Digital River Commerce-as-a-Service for rapid global growth

Security Technology
The Customer

Canary Connect, Inc. is a home security company dedicated to developing easy-to-use technology that protects, empowers and meaningfully impacts people and their communities.

The Challenge

When Canary launched their online business, they quickly realized the limitations that accompany an ecommerce platform with limited and inefficient global capabilities and back-end management systems.

The Solution

By partnering with Digital River, Canary now has an agile, scalable ecommerce solution that powers their global business and streamlines their operations and maintenance.

“What makes them the best partner is that they believe in a success-based model and are truly vested in ensuring the success of our company as we undertake this daunting challenge of expanding our international presence.”

– Dave Friedman, Director of Product Management, Canary


Able to expand their business into 244 countries and territories


Launched webstores in Germany, Denmark and France in just 60 days

The Story

Canary understands that the right technology makes people smarter by putting them in control—providing access to the information they need to make smart decisions when something is wrong, and helping them feel connected when everything is right. This drove them to create their current product line, which offers an all-in-one home security system that is controlled by the user’s smartphone.

As a start-up company, Canary needed a fast and simple solution that possessed the flexibility and scalability to handle their global business, and could manage the risks involved with adhering to local regulations and compliance requirements in a global market. As they grew, the complexities of doing business globally grew, which became their primary challenge.

In a bid to establish a greater international presence, Canary needed the ability to grow quickly while maintaining control over the customer relationship, both in traditional retail and with a direct online channel. Canary knew that expanding their direct-to-consumer channel offered great opportunity to build their brand and foster customer relationships across multiple markets around the world. In their quest to rise above their competition with a superior brand experience, the company vetted multiple enterprise ecommerce solutions—but only one truly impressed them: Digital River.

By partnering with Digital River, Canary now has an agile, scalable ecommerce solution that powers business in more than 244 countries and territories. With administration tools designed to streamline global webstore operations and maintenance, the Digital River Global Commerce cloud-based SaaS platform enables Canary to scale to new locales quickly, introducing their products to a much wider consumer base to fulfill their growth goals.

To help Canary reduce the costs and risk of growing its international online business, Digital River’s ecommerce solution also simplifies the management of multiple store locales and complicated international tax requirements.

Digital River helped Canary re-platform and launch new webstores in Germany, Denmark and France where they are already seeing incremental revenue growth. Digital River is also providing expertise on several additional ecommerce “game changers.” They are working with Digital River to map out the process for transforming the company’s subscriptions model monetizing their products for success

Thanks to Digital River, Canary is positioned to continue their global business expansion, without being held back by overwhelming risk.