The Intro


The Customer

An award-winning software company, VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, known for their specialized IT architecture.

The Challenge

VMware was already using exit intent technology, but wanted to do more to remove purchasing barriers and increase customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Digital River implemented live chat in their US store, increasing their Return on Investment (ROI) and storefront user experience.

“Online chat has proven to be an effective tool to help our customers select the right product for their needs and get live customer support to help make a purchasing decision. It is a powerful way we can demonstrate our commitment to customer engagement and satisfaction. The results have been very positive—an increase in sales conversions and fewer product returns.”

– -Michael Butler, Director of Ecommerce, VMware


Increased ROI by 5:1


Chat expanded to
US, UK and Ireland

The Story

With more than half a million customers and its status as the fourth largest software company in the world, VMware is known for their specialized IT architecture—moving virtualization, automation, networking and storage resources to the data center and cloud. With its creation of a single, hybrid cloud, any application can be accessed from any device at any time.

Like all savvy online merchants, VMware knows the importance of site optimization and had previously worked with Digital River’s MarketForce team to implement A/B testing and exit intent and improve shopper experience and store performance. Due to VMware’s complex product portfolio, adding online chat to their store was the next logical step to remove purchasing barriers and
increase satisfaction.

In addition to phone, email, self-service and video, live chat is one of the best ways to get instant communication with your customers and yields the highest satisfaction rates among customers. Happier, more engaged customers lead to increased sales conversions and reduce overall customer service costs.

By adding the online chat functionality, VMware saw significant success with a ROI of around 5:1. After the success they had with the chat functionality on their US store, VMware has engaged Digital River to implement this functionality on their UK and Ireland sites, and are currently in discussions to enable chat for their corporate site.