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It’s the age of the consumer. Brands around the world are searching for ways to create a seamless journey for the entirety of their customer lifecycle. It’s thrive or die. From discovery to purchase you need to serve up insightful and engaging information that will navigate your shopper to brand loyalty.

Building an end-to-end commerce-driven experience does not just allow consumers to buy direct online - it creates an intuitive consumer journey based around individual needs. With the Digital River AEM Connector, creating this journey is possible. Often, seemingly great shopping experiences fail somewhere along the consumer’s journey. Don’t fall victim to loss of conversion:


Over the past 10 years, brand value has declined by 8%, while customer relationship value has doubled to 18%.
Source: Harvard Business Review


Companies who have built strong direct-to-consumer channels have seen gains across multiple channels, not just online, with 82% of respondents reporting generally improved relationships with customers and 76% reporting improved customer experience.
Source: Forrester Consulting, Global eBusiness and Channel Strategy Survey


1 in 5 companies view improving the customer experience as their single most exciting opportunity to make an impact on brand loyalty.
Source: Forrester Consulting, Global eBusiness and Channel Strategy Survey


Identifying and gaining the attention of your target audience is the necessary means to reaching your brand objectives. Your target market must be clearly defined so that the message is clear and compelling. Identify audience segments that have high affinity or propensity to buy through your analysis of onsite behaviors augmented with 3rd party data, then deliver messages that are compelling across private stores, display, search and social media to attract relevant traffic.


Buyer decides what they want or need based on research, word of mouth, advertisements and interactions with your brand via various touchpoints. Support this stage in the journey via acquisition and nurturing tools, creative services and by providing experiences onsite that are relevant to the user and consistent with previous interactions.


Buyer investigates alternative products, reads reviews and validates findings. Guide and influence your buyer's decision-making process by delivering consistent and rich experiences, infused with user generated content that curating the buying journey across brand and buying sites.


Buyer engages with your store to finalize and make a purchase decision. Buyer expects ease of usability and a seamless order process. Leverage supporting content to reinforce the buyer decision and provide recommendations for options (subscriptions) most suitable to the shopper.


Buyer expects frictionless order management and fulfillment-easy checkout process, delivery options, excellent communication and on time delivery. Leverage Digital River and Adobe solutions such as world class order management and dynamic media with video to meet and exceed buyers' expectations.


Buyer shares their experience (good or bad) via digital media, social networks, word of mouth, etc. The opinions shared about their experience with your brand are highly valued sources relied upon by prospective customers as they contemplate a purchasing decision. Nurture and support your shoppers by:

  • Maintaining ongoing, relevant and timely communication with users.
  • Utilizing analytics to identify customers with likelihood to churn.
  • Delivering next best offer via social or paid channels.
  • Curate social advocacy into owned communities or onsite.
World-Class Customer
Centric Experience

Customer expectations are high. They want localized experiences, tailored content, regional specific marketing campaigns and promotions. They want a brand that can deliver products and services in their native language, with their payment methods of choice and shipping and delivery methods they trust. Are you exceeding these expectations? We can help.

We’re all-in, fully committed to each facet of your ecommerce business.

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