Tailored Shopper Experience

Minimize channel conflict and maximize revenue opportunity

Tracking customer behavior on your website gives you tremendous insight, but once the shopper has left your site, you’re left with a lot to wonder about. You may know where the potential customer went (via site links to one of your channel partners), but you may never know if they ended up buying your product, or worse, a competitor's product or nothing at all.

Capture the data you need to build a more profitable channel program

Digital River’s Channel Lead Management (CLM) puts all the data you need right at your fingertips. Using this information, you can:

  • Educate consumers
  • Blend online data with offline sales
  • Minimize channel conflict
  • Never miss a sales opportunity
  • Track public and private pricing tiers
  • Introduce mobile CLM
  • Integrate with social media
  • Track competing products
  • Continuously fine-tune product pricing

Digital River’s CLM can track shoppers after they have left your site and collect data about their purchasing behavior. Having this information can dramatically affect your overall online strategy – and your revenue.

With CLM, you can efficiently manage channel conflict by generating leads for your retail partners. If your online store sells out of a certain item, CLM can provide accurate, real-time updates about where it is in stock – a smart way to show customers that they can always find the information they want and need on your site.

CLM setup is simple, and once you’re ready, you can compare, analyze, optimize and manage your pricing against your competitors and measure campaign effectiveness across all channels. And with hundreds of reports that you can easily configure, you can analyze your data by product, partner, keyword, or offer and can drill down or take a more panoramic view to suit whatever your need is.

We’re all-in, fully committed to each facet of your ecommerce business.