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Actionable insights empowering smart business decisions that enhance ROI

When it comes to deciphering data, it can be hard to find the strength in your own numbers. Our analytics experts can help. We use data to provide you with significant revenue growth by measuring and tracking the things that you care about most. What’s relevant and why – that’s what we provide.

360 Client Dashboards

Our 360 Client Dashboards allow us to take a consultative approach and provide valuable information to our clients. The client-dedicated analytics framework allows us to drill down into diagnostic analytics, and index and benchmark relational performance levels with a focus on underlying attributes that optimize and drive client performance. Our dashboards give insight into:

  • Product-level sales trends
  • Offer and merchandising performance
  • Payment authorization rates and recovered revenue
  • Chargeback and reject rates
  • Cart conversion rates and bot activity
  • Page load time by checkout flow
  • Global revenue trends
  • Incidents and issues

Event-Based Reporting

Our event-based streaming analytics embedded into our enterprise systems allow us to gather web traffic and user activity to proactively monitor your business and address any irregular data patterns. You can rest assured that our detection system will raise a flag for any abnormal activity on both technical and business performance measures, ensuring your business is operating effectively.

Data-Driven Engagements

Our team approaches your business goals from a unique perspective – fusing powerful analytics, consumer intelligence, and experience design to drive growth. We use a variety of technology-driven approaches to create attribution models, allowing our clients to understand marketing results and optimize their media spend appropriately;

  • Predictive Analytics – Calculates customer lifetime value to determine how to effectively monetize a consumer through service and other touch points
  • Data Mining Buying Patterns – Provide dynamic post-purchase offers
  • A/B Testing – Effectively manage and optimize client marketing
  • Technical Site Assessments – Deploy SME’s to provide a best practices review of site performance and actionable recommendations to improve results

Our team integrates seamlessly with yours to design and execute a data-informed strategy that delivers on-brand promises, user expectations and business goals.

Data Sciences

This next generation of reporting and analytics helps us run our clients’ businesses more effectively. Our machine learning algorithms help us increase revenue, decrease risk and drive automation, which gives us greater ability to focus on your business.

Our algorithms leverage learnings from our aggregate global volumes to identify trends, anomalous patterns and data abnormalities and make the appropriate real-time responses – with effectiveness increasing over time as more data is collected and synthesized. Machine learning algorithms help:

  • Determine fraud scoring to reduce financial risk for physical and digital orders while minimizing false positives
  • Help define performance attributes and enhance routing logic to increase payment processing authorization rates
  • Detect bot cart visitation patterns to segment artificial and consumer traffic
  • Architect a model for high-velocity order capture during surge periods driving immense scalability gains

We are all-in, fully committed to each facet of your ecommerce business.

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