Commerce Connect London: Taking Ecommerce Trends Global
Commerce Connect London: Taking Ecommerce Trends Global

Commerce Connect London: Taking Ecommerce Trends Global

By: Tara Allison
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Localizing the customer experience is crucial when selling online globally, as more and more consumers are making cross-border purchases. We’re taking our popular Commerce Connect 2018 events overseas with Commerce Connect 2018 London. This exclusive one-day event offers an opportunity to network with digital commerce experts and innovators and gain actionable advice to help you navigate global growth opportunities in a world of intense competition and demanding customers. Space is limited, so register today for Commerce Connect 2018 happening in London on October 18.

Let’s take a look at four of the top trends driving the future of ecommerce that will be covered at our event:

1. Delivering extraordinary customer experiences around the world

As technology continues to evolve and shopper expectations continue to rise, it’s more important than ever to offer your customers flawless experiences – regardless of whether you’re selling to a B2C or B2B buyer. At our Commerce Connect 2018 London event, VMware’s Head of EMEA Ecommerce, Paul Gillart, will describe how to effectively deliver a B2C-like experience to B2B buyers, with flexible and customizable options that minimize channel conflict.

Staying customer-centric is key to delivering the transformational experiences your customers want, but it’s not always easy to do so. Guest speaker Laila Pawlak, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer of SingularityU Nordic, will introduce a simple model for designing extraordinary customer experiences. Using her framework – The Fundamental 4s – your brand can unlock an exponential mindset that will lead to building experiences that will have a lasting impact on your customers.

2. Differentiating and expanding your global digital business

It’s no surprise that to compete in this age of the connected customer, being a digital business is essential for your brand. This requires innovative strategies that stretch beyond ecommerce to reinvent channels and operations with new technology at the core. Forrester’s VP and Research Director Martin Gill will share the latest industry research on how to reinvent your channels, business strategy and operations to meet your increasingly connected customers.

This kind of transformation is especially important when you expand your horizons to emerging markets around the world. Cross-border ecommerce is growing rapidly as more shoppers than ever are purchasing goods from different countries. While many brands have the ambition to reach new consumers in these growing markets, most brands also have hesitations about expansion. A panel of ecommerce experts from Jabra, Kaspersky Lab, and Digital River will share real-life expansion examples and lessons learned to help guide your global growth strategy.

3. Developing a complementary online channel strategy

Shopper preferences are constantly evolving, and brands can’t afford to ignore marketplaces like Amazon that consumers know and trust. That being said, your brand’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel is still your most strategic route to market. Today’s most successful brands are continuously strategizing on how to best deliver seamless online shopping experiences across multiple channels. Andy Carrane, Digital River’s Senior Director of Product Management, is speaking at Commerce Connect about how you can be successful on Amazon in a way that complements your D2C channel and overall online strategy.

Balancing a consistent multi-channel ecommerce strategy with a focus on selling direct will help your brand deliver a superior customer experience and increase brand loyalty. Lenovo’s Director of Ecommerce, Richard Moyles, will speak about his company’s journey to selling direct and how D2C became such an essential and strategic channel for Lenovo.

4. Optimizing payments to ensure a frictionless consumer experience

Consumers that shop online expect seamless and safe experiences with every transaction. However, many of today’s consumers have security concerns, with 1 in 3 having been victim to data breaches, identity theft or credit card fraud. It’s crucial for your brand to give consumers not only a choice of preferred payment options, but also the secure and frictionless experience they desire. David Dechamps, Senior Vice President of Digital Partnerships Europe for Mastercard will share best practices to provide safer ways for your consumers to pay that will not only help improve approval rates and reduce false declines, but also enhance security and improve the overall consumer experience.

Interested in learning more about the hottest trends in global ecommerce at our exclusive event in London? Visit our Commerce Connect 2018 London website to reserve your seat now.