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You’re looking for more than a paycheck. You’re looking for a career that excites and challenges you. At Digital River, we’re always looking for impassioned, talented people who are excited about the possibilities. We’re unique. From our casual dress code and “bring your dog to work” days, to our weekly gatherings on Friday afternoons (no matter where you are in the world!) we like to celebrate life at Digital River together. To learn more about Digital River, visit the Company page.

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At Digital River, we are revenue growth experts in global cloud commerce. Get a closer look at what we believe and what makes us who we are.

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Our summer internship program is a great way to gain experience in a variety of areas. Hear what some of our past interns have learned on the job!

Location Facts

Digital River headquarters in Minnetonka, Minn. Some of the many on-site amenities and opportunities include:

  • On-site cafeteria and Starbucks.
  • On-site workout facility and group fitness classes.
  • Digital River In Action, an employee volunteer organization aiding the needy in the Twin Cities.
  • The Green Team, a resource acting in support of an environmentally conscious workforce while providing opportunities for employee engagement, including monthly on-site electronics recycling.
  • On-site massage therapist and chiropractor.
  • Friday afternoon social.
    Monthly bring-your-dog-to-work day.
  • Recreation area with table tennis, foosball.
  • Pond hockey games in the Digital River backyard.

Our San Francisco building, located in the heart of the technology hub of the city, was built in 1908—just two years after the infamous earthquake.

  • Favorite sports teams: San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco World Series Champion Giants, Golden State Warriors.
  • They eat lots of organic fruit and drink coconut and sparkling water.
  • Three out of six employees bike regularly.
  • An 11,000-year-old wooly mammoth tooth was recently found across the street from the office.

The Paulistanos are atypical Brazilians: 75% of them dislike carnival and samba and they all dislike soccer.

  • They are Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. One rides a motorcycle with more than 500,000 km on the odometer.
  • They are the main consumers of peanuts and chocolates in the cafeteria.
  • 100% of the employees are either descendants of Italians or married to an Italian.

The talented employees at Slough have won the company soccer competition a record three times.

  • Their office golf tournaments are held inside the office.
  • The 58 employees are 12 different nationalities.
  • The office opened in 1998 with just two staff members.

Our Shannon office employs approximately 100 staff members from 18 different countries, speaking an average of 1.7 million words combined per day across nine different languages.

  • 56% of the employees in the Shannon office are non-Irish nationals, with 12% from outside Europe.
  • Shannon could well be the most accessible Digital River office in the world, being only 961 meters from an international airport runway.
  • There are four 12th-century medieval castles within a 10-minute drive of the office.
  • 25% of Shannon staff go for a walk or jog during their lunch break.
  • Bun Friday, which falls every second week, results in a total consumption of over 1,700 cakes and buns per year.
  • They have received two resumes from two multilingual leprechauns in the last 12 months.

The Cologne office has a roof terrace with regular social activities, free lunches and is not far from the Cologne Cathedral, the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe.

  • In our Germany office, more employees have children (47%) than take a car to work (44%).
  • In one week, they consume 237 liters of water and 5.5 kg of coffee.
  • Cologne has the biggest carnival of all of Europe, and also the oldest. Written records trace the celebration back to 1341.
  • 20,000 people visit the Cologne Cathedral every day.
  • Cologne is famous for its specialty beer, called Kölsch.

At the Vienna office, they drink a lot of coffee (an average of four cups per person, daily). But some also drink tea.

  • Favorite soccer teams: FK Austria Wien and First Vienna FC 1894.
  • Most have a sweet tooth.
  • They are trying to grow a small orange tree on the windowsill.

Our Stockholm office is located in beautiful Hammarby Sjöstad with waterfront restaurants around the corner and great communications to most areas of the city. Our Stockholm team consist of approximately 100 employees focusing on various areas of our business such as product management, development, customer integration and support, accounting and marketing. We have a very diverse employee mix with numerous different nationalities, languages and cultures shaping an open and dynamic team culture. Our corporate language is English and we don’t require you to speak Swedish in order to work here.

The Taipei office has two vegetarians and 36 plants.

  • Every Friday they choose from 12 kinds of beer to drink.
  • Lunch stats: 10% bring a lunch box, 70% go out for lunch, 20% get a lunch box from a restaurant.
  • The Taipei office drinks 3,800 ml of milk per day.
  • Only 14% of the Taipei office drives a car to work.
  • 8% of the Taipei office likes golf, 10% does yoga. 10% work out in a gym, 10% play basketball, 8% dance for exercise and 8% play badminton.

Staff at the Tokyo office keep a helmet at their desks for earthquakes.

  • The shortest employee commute is 20 minutes, the longest is 60 minutes and the average is 43 minutes.
  • The artistic and athletic talent pool contains: a violinist, a classic guitarist, a percussionist, a ballet dancer, a kimono-wearing master, a scuba diver and a snowboarder.
  • They consume three sushi meals per week, on average.

Our Shanghai office is located in a 55-year-old former Steel factory, which now houses the Shanghai Sculpture Museum and a collection of cafes, gift shops, galleries and offices.

  • Eight different Chinese dialects (plus Italian) are spoken here.
  • Three employees have dogs and two have cats.
  • Three employees bike to work every day, four take public transportation and only two drive a car.
  • Three employees wear glasses.
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