Connecting with Our Customers at European Decision Makers Roundtable

By: Megan Flanagan

Last week, I made the 4,000+ mile trek over to London for Digital River’s first annual Decision Makers Roundtable event on Oct. 9-10. Although I was looking forward to seeing Big Ben, I was even more excited to meet many of our customers and prospects in person.

Commerce and payments leaders joined us for a day and a half of networking and conversations on industry topics and Digital River’s strategy.

Highlights from the sessions: A focus on strategy and innovation
To kick things off, attendees got together – with a 360 degree view of the city as the backdrop – to meet each other, share best practices, and spend time with Digital River’s executives, including Scott Heimes, chief marketing officer, and Michael Hechler, senior vice president and EMEA general manager.


The next day was filled with roundtable presentations led by Digital River and guest Phil Wainewright, a leading cloud expert, ZDNet blogger and VP of EuroCloud Europe. The sessions focused on the business benefits of a multi-tenant, SaaS based commerce model with community-driven APIs. They also highlighted solutions for entering markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China, and explored store of the future trends.


Scott Heimes’ presentation on “Store of the Future” was the session that spurred the most conversation among attendees. He talked about the trends shaping the commerce landscape and how attendees could capitalize on those trends. Some attendees wanted to know how they should leverage their own product’s analytics of user behavior with web analytics to help improve the e-commerce experience for their customers. Others were interested in learning how to work more closely with fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter, and monetize those valuable social media likes.

Feedback from attendees
When I spoke with customers about why they chose to work with Digital River, most of them commented about our global capabilities – including our ability to support their international expansion initiatives as a single connection to payments acquirers across the globe and manage the complexities of doing business internationally.


Early feedback from the event has been very positive – with customers and prospects alike appreciating the opportunity to catch up with one another and talk about the challenges, opportunities and future of commerce.

Have you attended an event like this before? What topics would draw you to participate at a roundtable event?

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