Consumer Views on Email Marketing Revealed

By: Kim Tucker

For the third year in a row, BlueHornet surveyed consumers to reveal their habits and thoughts about email marketing. Today, we’re introducing the results of that survey in our 2014 Consumer Views of Email Marketing report. This year we took a broader look at email marketing and asked 1,000 U.S. consumers some related questions about purchasing behavior, social media use and text messaging in addition to the email marketing questions we’ve asked in previous years.

Here are a few notable takeaways from the survey findings, along with some recommendations from our BlueHornet email marketing team:

  • Catch them early: Consumers check their email accounts early and often. Slightly more than 80 percent check their email before they start work – a data point marketers can use to target subscribers and hone messaging.
  • Design with mobile in mind: Just over 87 percent of consumers said they will either delete or unsubscribe altogether from an email list if a mobile email messages don’t display properly. More than ever, designing messages with mobile in mind is critical to the success of email campaigns. Of consumers who made at least one purchase in the last year, approximately 38 percent engaged with a mobile email and have used a mobile coupon.
  • Don’t forget the discounts: More than 80 percent of consumers report that discounts are the number one reason they sign up to receive emails, a figure that is in line with findings from 2013. The 2014 survey revealed that a reduced dollar amount is the most attractive type of offer. The second most eye-catching discount is a percentage off when consumers are 18 to 45 years old while free shipping hits the mark for 46 to 75 year olds.
  • Gauge consumers’ need for a discount: Nearly 45 percent of consumers will wait to make a purchase until they receive a discount, but 55 percent don’t wait – a valuable data point for segmenting those who need an offer versus those who will purchase without one.
  • Communicate via email: Given the choice, almost 70 percent of consumers want to communicate with brands via email rather than direct mail or text messages, underscoring the ongoing importance of the email channel.
  • Text in moderation: Finally, consumers overwhelmingly agree than one to two commercial text messages per week is the ideal amount of text message communication from a brand.

Want more detail? BlueHornet is hosting a six-part live webinar series beginning on Wednesday, Aug. 27, at 10:00 a.m. PDT/ 1:00 p.m. EDT. The first webinar provides an overview of survey findings and trends. Subsequent webinars will offer deeper insights gleaned from the report and actionable advice for leveraging the survey data to advance a brand’s email marketing program. Webinar speakers include BlueHornet’s vice president of strategic services, Kara Trivunovic, a regular contributor to ClickZ and the MediaPost Email Insider blog. Register at

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