Countdown: Top 5 Ways Speed Wins Continued – #1

By: John Phillips

As you read this, we’re putting the finishing touches on the Digital River exhibit in booth #1101 at Money2020 at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Center stage in the booth is our ski simulator — which will take attendees on a downhill ride so they can experience first-hand how SPEED WINS. Between downhill runs, we’ll be focused on sharing the tools and tactics commerce and payments professionals need to succeed in a growing, yet uncertain, global marketplace.

We’ll officially kick off the conference today with a presentation that will feature commentary from Digital River CEO David Dobson – New Insights from Live Payments Dataat 8:50 a.m. PST in Juniper 3 at the Aria Resort and Casino. During the session, David will share his thoughts on how to turn your payments program into a revenue stream. Click here to add this session to your calendar.

And with that… we’re ready to reveal the final tip in our Top 5 Ways SPEED WINS countdown – a series of five ideas for speeding time to revenue and growing your online payments program.


At the end of a very lengthy letter, Mark Twain once said: “Sorry this letter is so long, I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

Amusing, to be sure, but also very insightful. Anyone who has been tasked with streamlining a complex system or a process can relate.

So, when we say, “simplify on a global scale,” it’s important to note that we are not talking about reducing the number of keystrokes; we’re talking about combining best practices with common sense approaches to reach elegant online payment solutions that work for your specific business. You have to consider what are you selling (digital or physical); price vs. method of payment ($1 wire transfer anyone?); location of the customer (preferred buying practices); and of course, your customer demographic. When you look at your business holistically with these considerations in mind, it becomes easier to write that short, elegant letter, rather than a long, clunky one.

One way to learn how to simplify your global plan – an essential component in any strategy to speed time to revenue and win – is to simplify the complex with the help of industry best practices. Download a Global Strategies for Your Online Business white paper to gain a greater understanding of conducting commerce on a global scale.

To continue the conversation about how SPEED WINS, stop by our exhibit #1101 at Money2020. Want to spend even more time with our experts today? Request your invite to our networking event at Cosmo’s Chandelier Bar, November 3, at 7:30 p.m. PST.



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