Localizing the Global Customer Experience

for the Global Anytime, Anywhere Consumer

There’s a world of opportunity for brands expanding into new global markets. However, the nuances of selling like a truly local company can be complex. In this Ebook, Digital River and Blue Acorn iCi explain how businesses can successfully expand to new locales by avoiding potential pitfalls and offering a localized, seamless end-to-end customer experience.

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Tap into New Markets and Beat the Competition
How to successfully expand Ecommerce globally for the anytime, anywhere customer

According to experts, over 2.14 billion people worldwide will shop online in 2021. It’s time to diversify and expand into new markets.

Creating a localized experience for the global anytime, anywhere consumer goes beyond language, currencies, and payment options. In this ebook, we explore how to achieve authenticity and relevance for localizing the customer experience, global conversions, and payment optimizations.

Learn how global partners can help you implement the right technologies, overcome operational complexities, and provide your brand with the expertise to navigate local markets and give you a faster, more successful path to market.

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Learn the How and the Why of Turning Global Expansion into a Local Experience

Build customer confidence, loyalty, and brand acceptance by learning how to create localized content

Complete locally with systems in place to handle multiple currencies and payment methods, and adheres to local laws and regulations

Deliver a customer journey that is easy to navigate and resonates with local audiences for a seamless customer experience

Expand your market size, stay ahead of your competition, and increase market share and revenue