Digital River and Chargify Optimize B2B SaaS Subscriptions

Digital River Now Integrated with Chargify to Optimize B2B SaaS Subscription Businesses

By: Ari Rochmann
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Digital River has partnered with Chargify to provide online merchants in North America a seamless and risk-free B2B subscription management solution with global support coming soon.

As of September 9, Digital River’s back-office solution for payments, billing optimization, taxes, fraud, and compliance is natively integrated in Chargify’s leading B2B subscription management platform. Together, Chargify and Digital River provide the ultimate solution for B2B SaaS companies looking to optimize recurring revenue, accelerate global expansion and simplify tax and accounting challenges.

Powerful Integration for Profitability and Global Scale 

If you are a SaaS business using Chargify to manage your B2B subscriptions, or are interested in offering subscriptions, here are five ways the combined solution of Chargify and Digital River can help your brand: 

1. Market expansion, accelerated

As the merchant of record, Digital River simplifies the complexities of online selling. We have 12 pre-established legal entities, a deep network of banks and payment partners, tax registrations, and a team of legal experts to shield your business from risk.  

2. Profitability, supercharged

Digital River optimizes your brands recurring revenue by lifting recovery rates and driving down involuntary churn. We give you access to our powerful payments and billing solution that helps retain customers and ignite growth. On average, Digital River subscription clients see 8% higher renewal rates worldwide because we focus on minimizing leaky profits and maximizing your customer lifetime value. 

3. Complexity, simplified

Keeping up on the ever-changing tax and compliance requirements is one of the most complex and challenging aspects of selling online. With our merchant of record business model, we simplify back-office operations by taking the complexity off your handsOur legal experts have you covered from day one which means you can focus on what you do best 

4. Risk profile, reduced

Compliance, security, and fraud are all top concerns for ecommerce managers and financial leaders alike. A survey taken in 2017 showed that businesses typically spend around 4% of revenue on compliance costs alone, with an expected rise to 10% by 2022. 

As the popularity and interest in B2B subscription services continue to rise worldwide, merchants need to be mindful of the increasingly sophisticated fraudsters and constantly changing regulations. With our merchant of record model, advanced fraud prevention technology, and 25+ years of ecommerce experience, Digital River protects your business from risk. 

5. Multiple technologies, consolidated

For anyone looking to simplify back-office operations and reduce operating costs, the Digital River integration is the perfect answer. It’s the only solution you need to simplify payments, taxes, fraud, regulatory compliance, and financial reconciliation with global scale. Instead of experiencing the headaches and costs of working with multiple vendors, you get a single solution with the industry’s top payment providers pre-integrated. Brands who partner with Digital River experience an average of 20-30% reduction in operational costs. 

As you look to grow and optimize your subscription brand globally, ask yourself if you have the latest technology and strategies in place to scale and meet the challenges of entering new markets. 

Configuring Digital River within the Chargify platform gives you a fast and easy way to enter new markets, simplify back-office operations, minimize risk, and grow your recurring revenue like never before. 

Ready to supercharge your B2B subscription offering? Contact Digital River today to learn more about how our powerful integration for Chargify can drive extraordinary results for your brand.