Defining the Future 
of Cross Border Commerce

Industry experts share trends, analysis 
and predictions on the evolving global 
commerce landscape

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It is estimated that by 2023, nearly 20% of all ecommerce transactions will be cross border. Perhaps even more staggering is the increase in percentage of worldwide shoppers who will buy across borders: by 2023, the percentage of consumers – globally – purchasing cross border will increase to roughly 45%.

But what does this mean for brands and retailers? What are the implications for manufacturers? Consumers’ appetite for purchasing cross border is growing by the year, and it means businesses need to be smarter, faster and more flexible than ever before. We provide expert insights and analysis on some of the trends at the forefront of cross border ecommerce and what to expect in the coming years.

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  • Simplifying the cross border ecosystem and providing seamless experiences for your customers

  • Making fulfillment a consumer experience and navigating supply 
chain challenges

  • Positioning your brand to succeed in payments with an emphasis 
on localization