Holiday 2021 
Readiness Guide

How your D2C channel can stand out as more consumers embrace online shopping

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More people are shopping online than ever before. 75% of consumers have tried a new shopping behavior since the pandemic began. Pent-up demand and higher savings rates means many consumers will be ready to spend during the holiday season. But, to attract global shoppers, local marketing and payments, transparent fulfillment and seamless customer experiences are crucial.

To help you prepare for the 2021 peak season, we’ve compiled a guide that outlines what to include in your strategy to achieve global ecommerce success. You’ll be on your way to ensuring you can meet and exceed your customers' heightened expectations during this holiday season and beyond.

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Learn how your brand can prepare 
for this year's holiday season

  • How to prepare for and manage expectations in a wild 
supply chain world

  • Understanding new tax obligations, compliance nuances 
and payment preferences

  • Getting your technology ready for a surge in traffic
 and ensuring flawless commerce experiences