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Checklist to Optimize Your D2C Channel

How to take control of the commerce experience and create a robust direct-to-consumer strategy

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Sources of economic uncertainty such as a global pandemic, supply chain issues, or the breakneck pace of technological change can wreak havoc on the retail industry and create disruption for businesses. The best way for global brands to maintain business continuity during times of disruption is to build their own direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel.

A D2C channel gives retailers far more control over the entire purchase lifecycle, from the front-end customer experience to critical back-office operations such as fulfillment and payments. But making the shift to D2C is a complex undertaking that requires a highly strategic approach. To help you on this endeavor, we’ve compiled a checklist of the elements you must have in place to launch or expand your D2C channel.

Download our checklist to learn how your brand can prevent disruption, take control of the customer experience and grow your revenue with an optimized D2C channel:

  • Understanding your customers and how to market to them to foster long-term connections and repeat buyers

  • Optimizing your back-office operations such as payments, tax, fulfillment and compliance

  • Leveraging strategic partnerships to take your D2C channel to the next level while you focus on your core competencies