Multi-Locale Management

We make it easy for you to accept payments around the world

Digital River’s robust payment processing engine features a variety of payment methods to satisfy the preferences of online shoppers all over the world. With extensive experience in global ecommerce, our established local entities, world-class technology and knowledgeable experts work on your behalf to mitigate risk while optimizing conversions and authorization rates. Let us, your trusted commerce partner, simplify the complexities of expanding your business into other countries and take care of these global payment fundamentals:

Preferred payment methods vary by country

Every country has a preferred payment method, but that method isn’t the same for every country. It is important that you offer your global customers the right payment mix. Digital River has 190+ bank connections and offers 8 payment types and 41+ payment methods to help your global customers pay the way they want.


You need a local entity

Even if you sell globally, it should look like you’re selling locally.  In fact, some countries require you to have a local entity to do business. Local entities can take up to $2 million and two years to set up yourself. Digital River eases the pain by already having 18 legal entities set up — providing country-specific payment expertise in preferred payment methods, VAT, shipping and customs.


Know the culture

Understanding the nuances of each country you do business in is key to making your global customers feel at home on your site. Digital River has 1,000+ ecommerce experts around the world to help you make the best localization decisions. Digital River offers your store 26 languages, 108 display currencies, 46 transactable currencies and 20 local acquirers.

Strong fraud protection

When you partner with Digital River your gaining access to our fraud protection system, Transaction Defender™, to give you the assurance that your revenue is safe. Transaction Defender screens up to 400,000 transactions per day — protecting 145 million transactions and blocking 4.2 million fraudulent transactions since 2012.

Speed to market is key

The faster you go global, the quicker you earn revenue. Digital River has the ability to help you go global in as little as 90 days with our Crawl, Walk, Run model. The first step in going global — the crawl – starts with offering cross-border payments. Next, start walking by adding more localization to your site — languages and currencies, site flow, customer experience and address validation. Lastly, run. Utilize local entities to provide local credit card options and other alternative methods.

With these five global payment fundamentals covered, you can feel confident taking your business to the next level.

We’re all-in, fully committed to each facet of your ecommerce business.