Free White Paper Provides Tips on Expanding Ecommerce Operations Worldwide

By: Nick Masterman

With almost a third of all companies operating today contemplating international online expansion, it’s more important than ever for decision-makers to understand what’s at stake. As companies prepare to launch into new geographical regions for the first time, there are many decisions that must be made to ensure the best online purchasing experience for customers. The companies that get it right provide a highly localized experience that starts with local language and includes an appropriate product mix, site design, checkout flow, e-marketing campaign, payment selection and tax treatment, all of which meet consumer expectations.

Digital River’s new white paper, “Global Strategies for Your Online Business,” provides commerce decision-makers and digital marketers tips, solutions and best practices for overcoming the challenges companies often face when looking to grow their business on a global scale.

To find out more about best practices for global expansion, download Digital River’s free white paper here.

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