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Why Sell into Malta?

An increasing number of foreign investors (established and start-ups) are choosing to set up or relocate their businesses to Malta due to a number of fiscal and social benefits including the highly advantageous corporate tax system offered by the Maltese Jurisdiction. The distinctive lifestyle that the island can offer, its location in central Europe, the climate, English as an official language and other factors play an important role in attracting a number of investors. A trained and motivated workforce and relatively low costs of labor are also attractive factors for business.

More than three-quarters of Maltese individuals now use the Internet. Ecommerce, whether business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B), has evolved rapidly since 2006 when the government published the Electronic Commerce Act regulations, which require information service providers to furnish basic identifying information to customers. More than 60% of Internet users in 2017 claimed to have purchased goods or services online, with clothing and sporting goods, holiday accommodation and other travel arrangements the most commonly acquired cross border items and services.

Localized Shopping Experiences in Malta

Processing Currency

Available currencies will depend on the payment method provider, as well as any regulatory restrictions.


Available Product Categories

Digital River can support the sales of these types of products for this specific market.


Popular payment types in Malta

Cash, check and debit/credit cards are popular payment types.

Malta Available payment types for Malta

The list below represents the current categories of payment options Digital River supports for this market.

Payment methods for Malta

Ecommerce facts and figures
$15.2B GDP 407,000 Total Population 59% Internet Usage
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