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Cross-border ecommerce sales are projected to surpass $700 billion by 2023. Expanding globally presents a huge opportunity, but doesn't come without significant challenges.

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240+ countries and territories supported

Your path to an instant global footprint.

400,000 transactions processed and screened daily

You can trust us to shield you from global risks and protect your brand as you grow.

120+ payment methods and 46 currencies offered

Let your customers pay how they prefer with a localized experience.

8-15% increase in global authorization rates

Increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment by enabling The Onshore Advantage™.

Go Global, Act Local

Global buying preferences and expectations are constantly changing, but one thing stays the same: your customers want a streamlined, local shopping experience, no matter where in the world they are.

Gain The Onshore Advantage™ to optimize your global ecommerce revenue potential with Digital River.


"Digital River's extensive global knowledge has helped us expand our reach to areas of the world that we would have never been able to enter into this quickly without their expertise and systems. Thanks to them, our business is flourishing and promises major global growth in the years to come."

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John Bigay
Chief Marketing Officer, iZotope

"The complexity of entering new global markets would have required us to invest a great deal of time and money to build the expertise to do it well. We opted instead to partner with Digital River, which allows us to focus on the customer experience while Digital River takes care of back-end functions like tax regulations, compliance and payments."

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James Sudworth
Head of Digital, Egress Software

"Putting all of the accounting, tax, and fraud monitoring capabilities and global infrastructure in place would have been a lot of incremental work — and costly. The fact that Digital River did all of that for us made it possible for me to get up and running quickly, and made it a lot easier for the rest of my organization."

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Ed Kuhner
VP of Customer Experience, HTC Americas

"Digital River helped take our commerce strategy global in less than 60 days; that speed was remarkable."

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Aqif Hassen
Senior Manager of Digital Strategy & Operations, AMD

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Ecommerce Complexity, Simplified
Ecommerce Complexity, Simplified

A fully integrated suite of back-office technology.

Avoid the complexity of managing taxes and compliance.

Circumvent vendor management for your ecommerce.

Let us handle all of the risk.

Global Sales, Without the Global Price Tag
Global Sales, Without the Global Price Tag

Reduce operating costs by 20-30%.

Increase authorization rates by as much as 15%.

Access to infrastructure supporting 240+ countries and territories.

Focus on your brand and your products – we'll take care of the rest.

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