Nine Tips for Maximizing Your Ecommerce Revenue

By: Sahra Ashton

Increasing conversion rates comes down to paying close attention to a variety of details and making a slew of decisions that improve consumers’ overall shopping and buying experience. MyCommerce, a Digital River company offers a self-service ecommerce solution for independent business owners and we turned to our blog to share proven best practices and techniques to help businesses maximize their profits. Our three-part blog series details nine tips that can lead you down a profitable path through website optimization, merchandising and email marketing. 

Each blog includes three recommendations to help guide your conversion improvement efforts. For the full list of tips, please visit each article located on the MyCommerce blog.

Blog #1: Are you maximizing your revenue? Three tips that can change your website today!

cart_image  To help maximize online revenues, merchants must focus on improving the online experience for customers, making it easy to locate ‘Buy Now’ buttons and cleaning up your website. Although these may seem obvious, it is surprising how many websites neglect to follow these best practices. When creating your online experience, think of what you personally expect and mirror that process. To find out more, read the entire blog:

Blog #2: Are you capturing the attention of your audience? Three best practices to make sure you are!

buttonsCreating a website and linking to a shopping cart can be a lot of work – work that you don’t want to go to waste. To avoid driving customers away, make sure you capture their attention from the start. Home page merchandising, content placement and text-heavy pages are all determining factors for a customer when they decide to stay or leave a site. It is essential to create a site that takes all of these into consideration so your bounce rates decrease and your conversions increase. To find out the best ways to avoid losing customers, visit the blog:

Blog #3: Email Marketing – Are you keeping your customers engaged?

email_examplesEmail marketing is one of the top forms of business communication today and can be used in a variety of ways. Whatever your purpose is, be sure you make it easy to receive your company emails. Just like website optimization, email optimization is a must when sending business-related emails, promotions and newsletters. This will keep your brand and value proposition top of mind for customers.

We’ll continue sharing best practices with you, so please feel free to share your tips and tricks of the trade in the comments field below. I hope that you can learn a trick or two that you can put into practice.

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