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The folks that make up your Digital Client Success team are your go-to people. They’ll be your consultants on marketing and commerce best practices, strategy and growth opportunities, and services to help run and grow your online business, ensuring alignment in your strategy across your organization. They will continually develop recommendations to improve your store’s customer experience and shopper conversions. They focus on growing your revenue and keeping tabs on ecommerce trends, so you can focus on your core business needs.

Meet the Team

Account Leader

  • Executive sponsor
  • Advocate within Digital River
  • Executive escalation point

Account Director

  • Owner of partnerships and revenue goals
  • Focused on strategic development

Account Manager

  • Responsible for store revenue growth and commerce strategy
  • Plans and measures success of marketing and merchandising initiatives
  • Creates new marketing, sales and partnership opportunities

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team is made up of project managers, consultants, solution architects, integration engineers, web developers and testing specialists ready to manage ecommerce platform implementations for clients in 160+ countries around the world. This includes scoping, designing and implementing regional or global ecommerce solutions; configuring our platform to fit your specific needs; providing technical expertise for successful integration of our platform into your business systems; and improving conversion rates through better functional user experience and page performance.

MarketForce Performance Marketing Agency

MarketForce is made up of site optimization, analytics, affiliate, acquisition, creative, email and SEO experts whose goal is to deliver targeted, customer-centric engagement campaigns and connected user experiences that understand how, when and where people make decisions. For more on MarketForce, visit their web page.



Commerce Operations

Our Commerce Operations team is made up of five segments that all have the same goal: keeping our clients and customers satisfied by running the day-to-day business. Our Client Operations team supports your business with store operations (including catalog and offer management), planning and executing launches, and negative event management. The Global Logistics team helps connect commerce to logistics partners and provides insights and assistance with supply chain (inventory) management, including working with our Global Fulfillment team, which carries out millions of physical shipments per year. To maximize successful order completion while minimizing fraudulent and chargeback activities, work with our Fraud Prevention sector, which provides access to the most comprehensive online fraud detection and prevention system you can find. For customer inquiries and training, our Customer Service team is available to respond to your customer’s inquiries around the world with 24/7 support via phone, email and chat. Additionally, Digital River University will provide online and in-person training courses on our platforms and capabilities, preparing you to run the best store possible.


We're all-in, fully committed to each facet of your ecommerce business.

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