Global Tax Solutions You Can Count On

Reduce costs. Reduce risk.

Running an online global ecommerce business is a complex undertaking and one of the more significant complexities of selling your products and services worldwide is tax management.

Digital River knows that calculating tax correctly can be an arduous process, especially when considering global transactions and shopping cart variability. It is important to be able to calculate taxes on these types of transactions quickly and accurately in order to keep customer satisfaction high. Digital River maintains a tax calculator that handles any indirect taxation from any country in the world based on your supply chain. Our calculator has capabilities to determine correct tax amounts based on income, address and product code in a matter of seconds. These service offerings enhance the client experience by removing the burden of managing your tax attributes and accommodating individual business needs, resulting in a positive shopping experience for your end-consumer. Digital River’s tax compliance values include:

  • Maintain a world-class tax calculator to handle any indirect taxation from any country in the world
  • Calculate, collect, report, and remit tax on sales quickly and efficiently to end-consumers
  • Eliminate transaction and audit risk
  • Continue to pay taxes in numerous languages and currencies

With Digital River’s tax solution, we act as the Seller of Record for your products and take on the legal responsibility of calculating, collecting, reporting and remitting tax on sales. When we take on the responsibility of Seller of Record, your daily tax administration responsibilities are managed and financial costs of tax risk to your business are reduced. By partnering with us, the audit risk on end-consumer transactions related to uncollected or under-collected tax shifts from you to Digital River. Whether selling locally, globally, or both, Digital River provides top of the line tax management services that free your company from the burden of tax compliance and risk.

Let us be accountable for your tax management.