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ROi is impacted by three key things: cost of doing business,
speed to revenue and profitability.

ROI is impacted by three key things: cost of doing business, speed to revenue and profitability. Maintaining an agile ecommerce system that is easy to implement, run, and support, while meeting customer, regulatory, and fiduciary requirements involves highly complex expertise and significant operational costs. This type of integrated operation requires a broad range of day-to-day functions for the technology platform, website integration, marketing, payment processing, and related complex business needs—operations that increase your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Improve profitability
Increase speed to market
Expand geographic footprint
Simplify operations
Reduce risks and costs
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Estimations are based on $2.5M to $100M Annual Gross Sales.

Distinct offerings to tackle problems and build on successes.
In revenue driven through our digital marketing efforts.

Digital River provides significantly stronger economics and much lower risk

Digital River's SaaS cloud commerce platform and end-to-end solutions provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) versus managing it in-house or engaging multiple vendors. Combine that with our ability to deliver the fastest speed to market in the industry and the greatest profitability for your business, and you'll find we have a very compelling ROI model.

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