Know Your Audience and Uncover New Opportunities: How to Market Your Online Store

On-Demand Webinar - Episode #2

Uncertainty into Opportunity


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Your company’s direct to consumer (D2C) channel plays a vital role in having engaged, loyal customers. While more people take their shopping from in-store to online, there’s an extraordinary opportunity for you to build brand awareness and loyalty by putting customers at the center of your ecommerce strategy.

There’s a lot to get right about customer acquisition and customer experience. Expectations for seamless online shopping experiences have never been higher, and getting it right is essential for the success of the channel.   

Check out this on-demand webinar from our Uncertainty into Opportunity series where industry experts from Elastic Path discuss how to market your store to build an audience and grow revenue.    

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Mike French - Moderator

Vice President, Partnerships

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Linda Bustos

Director of Digital Commerce Strategy

Elastic Path

Rahul Sandil

Head of Global Marketing, Consumer Products Group

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Jeremiah Andrick

Direct-to-Consumer Advisor and Consultant

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