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Digital River Partners With Fusebill to Ignite Global Growth for Subscription Brands

By: Ari Rochmann
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Digital River has partnered with Fusebill to provide subscription businesses a fast, risk-free way to ignite global growth.  

Digital River’s checkout solution for payments, renewal optimization, taxes, fraud, and compliance is natively integrated into Fusebill’s flexible subscription billing platform. Together, Fusebill and Digital River provide an unparalleled solution for managing both B2B and B2C subscriptions, minimizing churn, simplifying international tax and compliance challenges, and entering new markets.

A Powerful Integration for Profitability and Global Scale

If you are using Fusebill to manage your B2B or B2C subscription brand, or are interested in launching a subscription offering, here’s how the combined solution of Fusebill and Digital River can help your brand: 

Subscription management, automated

As experts in subscription billing, Fusebill gives you a flexible and simple way to automate your subscription brand all in one solution. Whether you’re a startup or a rapid growth subscription company, you can manage all aspects of your subscriptions, including recurring billing, invoicing, payments, revenue recognition and customer interactions.  

And with Fusebill’s powerful reporting tools, you gain a competitive edge with specialized billing and data management tools on customer churn, recurring revenue, subscriber lifecycle, and more. Giving you the ability to focus your time on gaining new subscribers and reducing churn.  

Global Expansion, simplified

Taking your subscription brand global can be an extremely complex and intimidating task when doing it alone. But with Digital River’s Global Seller Services solution, we take on all that complexity for you. You gain access to 12 pre-established legal entities around the world, a deep global network of banks and payment partners, tax registrations, and a team of  legal experts to protect your business from risk. As a result, it enables you to enter new markets in as little as six weeks. 

Profitability, supercharged

Digital River optimizes your brand’s recurring revenue by lifting recovery rates and reducing involuntary churn. You gain access to our powerful payments and billing solution that retains customers and ignites growth. On average, Digital River subscription clients see 8% higher renewal rates worldwide because we focus on minimizing leaky profits and maximizing your customer lifetime value.  

Multiple technologies, consolidated

For anyone looking to simplify subscription management and back-office operations, the Digital River integration is the perfect answer. It’s the only solution you need to simplify B2B and B2C subscriptions, minimize churn, simplify international tax and compliance challenges, and enter new global markets 

As you look to grow and optimize your subscription brand globally, ask yourself if you have the latest technology and strategies in place to meet the challenges of entering new markets.  

Configuring Digital River within the Fusebill platform gives you a fast and flexible way to enter new markets, simplify back-office operations, minimize risk, and grow your recurring revenue.   

Ready to take your subscription brand global? Contact Digital River today to learn more about how our powerful integration for Fusebill can drive powerful results for your brand.