Digital River & Fusebill Ignite Global Growth for Subscription Businesses

Digital River and Fusebill Integration Ignites Global Growth for Subscription Businesses

By joining forces Digital River and Fusebill aim to simplify recurring billing, payments, tax, fraud and compliance for subscription businesses looking to scale globally

MINNEAPOLIS — Oct. 26, 2021 —  Digital River, an experienced global commerce enabler for established and fast-growing brands, today announced a new integration with Fusebill to provide subscription businesses a fast, risk-free way to ignite global growth. As Digital River’s solutions are natively integrated into the Fusebill automated cloud-based billing management platform, the partnership will provide an all-in-one solution for managing both B2B and B2C subscriptions, minimizing churn, simplifying international tax and compliance challenges, entering new markets as well as fraud mitigation.

Fusebill, an open-source ecommerce platform, simplifies subscription and billing management, while offering control and agility for a dynamic recurring billing experience. Beyond providing a global payment gateway within the platform, Digital River’s integration will simplify back-office complexities such as global taxes, fraud, regulatory compliance, and financial reconciliation for Fusebill clients.

“Taking your brand global is a complex process and doing it yourself requires a huge commitment in the form of time, attention and people,” said Adam Coyle, CEO at Digital River. “By utilizing an automated billing solution that offers the integrated back-office functions Digital River provides, brands can allocate those resources elsewhere, freeing up the ability to scale globally with ease and at a much faster pace.”

By unlocking the power of Digital River through the Fusebill native integration, brands can reap the benefits of a completely automated payments provider including:

  • Up to 30 percent reduction in operational costs
  • Up to 80 percent decrease in billing processing
  • Entry to 175+ markets in as little as six to eight weeks

“We are thrilled to partner with Digital River and create custom shopping experiences featuring intuitive solutions, self-service capabilities, and multilingual support,” said Tyler Eyamie, CEO at Fusebill. “Fusebill is designed for global growth, and thanks to our integration with Digital River we can now seamlessly help brands optimize their expansion.”

As brands look to accelerate global growth, Digital River’s new Partner Integration Program gives brands and technology providers like Fusebill greater flexibility and support to access Digital River’s Global Seller Services with their own integrations. Partners can now offer their customers one of the industry’s most powerful solutions for creating seamless buying experiences and a path to enter new global markets quickly and confidently. To learn more about accessing these transformative solutions and driving results through Digital River, please visit here.


About Fusebill

Fusebill has been simplifying subscription and billing management for over a decade by automating many manual accounting and financial processes and workflows. The cloud-based platform gives SaaS, IoT, digital media and other subscription-based companies the freedom to grow their businesses, the flexibility to capitalize on new product opportunities, and the agility to maintain a competitive edge.


About Digital River

With more than 25 years’ experience, Digital River has mastered global commerce. An industry disrupter from the start, our Global Seller Services simplify global commerce expansion to help companies of all sizes grow their revenue by offering shoppers a localized buying experience in over 200 destinations worldwide. Using our flexible APIs that combine payments, tax, fraud, and compliance into a single integrated solution, brands increase conversions, turning browsers into buyers as they sell anything to anyone, anywhere in the world. The chosen partner of more than 2,100 global brands across the Americas, Europe and Asia, Digital River is global commerce simplified.

Digital River is headquartered in Minneapolis with offices across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America. For more details, visit

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