New Digital River White Paper Reveals Global Spending Habits and Payment Preferences of Online Gamers

Catering to local preferences allows publishers to capture the largest addressable

MINNEAPOLIS — Jun. 25, 2012 — Digital River, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRIV), the revenue growth experts in global cloud commerce, announced the availability of a new white paper report that reveals data about the online payment preferences of gamers in key geographical markets, including the U.S., Europe, Russia, Brazil, India and Mexico, among others. The white paper, “The Gamer is Always Right: What Gamers Think of Online Monetization,” features research collected and compiled for Digital River by SuperData Research, a market intelligence firm focused on free-to-play and online games. The report outlines how online payment options affect average transaction values, reviews trends in mobile payments and offers growth forecasts for free-to-play games.

“This data reaffirms our long-standing position that publishers and developers risk losing a portion of their customer base if they subscribe to a one-size-fits-all payments strategy. An effective payments program takes into account that payment preferences differ across geography, game genre and player demographics,” said Jeff Hemenway, Digital River’s group vice president of global gaming. “To capture more revenue in key geographies, publishers need to offer the right mix of online payment options, which includes the right variety and quantity of preferred payment types.”

Recently, Digital River hosted a webinar, “Make Play Pay: How Payment Options Drive Your Bottom Line” that featured guest speaker Joost van Dreunen, Ph.D., managing director of SuperData. During his remarks, Van Dreunen focused on key takeaways from the white paper and provided an in-depth look at other results from SuperData’s research findings. A recording of the webinar, which was part of the Digital River® Globalocityâ„¢ Webinar Series, is available for replay online.

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