5 Steps to Successful B2B and B2C Globalization

A guide for seamless ecommerce expansion in global markets

Global ecommerce is expected to reach nearly $5 trillion in 2021. The opportunity is massive, and B2C and B2B brands alike can’t afford to be left out. By breaking down the process into distinct stages, this seemingly enormous undertaking becomes manageable. Follow the steps in this guide to achieve successful global commerce expansion.

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Taking a brand global is an exciting time for any company, regardless if you’re selling B2B or B2C. But without successful planning, cross-border commerce can come with challenges.

In this guide you’ll get a crash course on how to form the right strategy for your brand, learning how to: 

• Determine which new markets to prioritize

• Build a back-office infrastructure setup to handle the complexities of new market expansion

• Localize the buying experience to exceed shopper expectations that lead to conversions

• Optimize throughout the customer journey for superior payments, checkout, and delivery

Powering Commerce Success at Every Step of the Journey

Digital River and Astound Commerce help brands grow by combining speed to market, global expansion and full digital commerce solutions including complete merchant and compliance requirements.

Digital River is a complete global payments, fraud, tax and
compliance solution for your online store. We reduce your risk and
complexity faced when going global by allowing you to transact
locally with the Onshore Advantage™. Enabling you to sell
globally, quickly and cost effectively.

Astound Commerce empowers success through expertly created
experience-driven ecosystems that fuse ever-evolving technology,
data, design, and storytelling to build meaningful and
lasting customer-brand relationships.