Reaching the Global B2B Customer

Why Digital Transformation is Critical for Manufacturing Brands

The past year has shown the importance of brands being able to reach their customers anytime, anywhere, and regardless of any outside circumstances. This ebook explains the importance of digital transformation and how companies can take a measured, data-informed approach to build a
roadmap that grows capabilities and drives digital maturity.

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Now is the Time for Your Digital Transformation
Why and how to make your brand accessible to online customers everywhere

Customer expectations have never been higher. Buyers expect a seamless B2B online shopping experience more like their everyday consumer purchases. And experts expect that trend to continue, with global B2B ecommerce projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.9% to $20.9 trillion by 2027. That means the time is now for your brand to make a digital transformation aligned with your traditional channels to offer your customers a familiar and efficient shopping experience.

Learn more about B2B digital transformation — specifically in the manufacturing industry — along with why it’s imperative for your brand’s ongoing success, how to get started, and key considerations to ensure you meet your business goals.

A Seamless Integration to Reduce the Risk and Complexities of Going Global
Gorilla Group & Digital River combine to enable quick, scalable commerce solutions built to expand globally

Gorilla Group, a Wunderman Thompson company, is an Agency, Consultancy, and Tech Company. In one. We are aligned to help brands connect with their customers across the entirety of the customer journey, or at any point along the way.

Far more than a payment gateway, Digital River is a complete global payments, fraud, tax and compliance solution for your online store. We reduce the risk and complexity met when going global by allowing you to transact locally with our Onshore Advantage™. Digital River enables you to sell globally, more quickly and with less cost.