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We help you navigate the complexities of global ecommerce, accelerate time to market, grow revenue, and protect you from risk. We partner with Magento to give you flexible, best-of-breed commerce capabilities so you can create superior customer experiences around the world.

Magento and Digital River: Go Global Like Never Before

Magento is an Adobe company and leading provider of commerce innovations to brands across industries. The partnership brings together Magento’s leading commerce and order management capabilities and Digital River’s global expansion, payments and risk protection services into one solution. As a result, you can enter new markets with ease, deliver localized shopping experiences and grow revenue.

You can find the Digital River extension on the Magento marketplace. After you’ve installed the extension, configuring Digital River settings is easy and doesn’t require a heavy IT involvement, so you can start growing your global sales faster.

Magento and Digital River: Simplifying Global Commerce

If you’re a Magento user looking to grow your international sales, the challenge of entering new markets may feel overwhelming. The world of ecommerce is filled with complexity and risk, but also filled with growth and great opportunity. To succeed, you need the right expertise to accelerate global expansion, grow your revenue, and protect your business from risk.

Global Expansion

The Digital River extension for Magento is a powerful global enabler helping you reach new markets in months, not years. We’ve done the heavy lifting, building a global infrastructure made up of 20 local acquirers, 9 local entities, 190 bank connections, 70+ payment methods, and 46 currencies. In addition to helping you reach new markets, we have the tools and expertise to optimize your sales and protect your brand once you get there.

Revenue Growth

Taking a cross-border approach to global ecommerce isn’t enough to win over global shoppers. Our extension for Magento enables you to act local, offering shoppers the payment methods and currency they expect, without surprise foreign transaction fees after the purchase. We call this localized approach the Onshore Advantage™ because it gives you a competitive edge in international markets. As a result, you can increase global authorization rates by 10% or more while reducing cart abandonment by 14%. In addition to unrivaled localization capabilities, we use machine learning to identify where and when to route a transaction for optimal success. Everything about the Digital River extension is purpose-built to grow your international revenue.

Risk Protection

Every new market comes with its own ever-changing array of hazards and complications. The complexities and risks of paying the appropriate tax authorities and complying with local regulations are things that cause executives to lose sleep at night. With the Digital River extension, you get access to our unique merchant and seller of record business model, where we shoulder the risk so you can focus on what you do best.

How to Install the Digital River Extension for Magento 2

The Digital River extension for Magento 2 unlocks a powerful global solution for managing payments, fraud, tax and compliance. In this video, you’ll see where Digital River appears in the shopper experience, enabling secure payment fields, calculating local taxes, and displaying the appropriate currency. You’ll also learn how to find the Digital River extension on the Magento Marketplace, how to configure it, where to find documentation, and the benefits of adding it to your store.

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