Digital River Partner Network

Trusted experts dedicated to growing your online revenue

Digital River’s Partner Network is a collection of trusted experts that accelerates growth through innovative ecommerce, payments, and marketing solutions that are designed to help you sell more. These experts develop, market, and service pioneering solutions that accelerate time to market, improve ROI, and enhance the customer experience.

This network of trusted partners is integrated with Digital River’s core commerce, payments and marketing capabilities. When you tap into our network of ecosystem, payments, and alliance partners, you leverage:

  • Innovative APIs designed to integrate with your existing technologies.
  • New features and innovations.
  • Experts dedicated to growing your online revenue.

The unique combination of global expertise and innovative technology gives your business the power to reach its potential. Our ability to gather and deploy these core and supporting solutions, globally and locally, through direct connections and partnerships, already helps thousands of our customers around the world grow their businesses. A few examples:

  • Marketing partnerships accelerate innovation forward across commerce, email, and affiliate marketing.
  • Fulfillment partners offer choice and selection in determining the level of global reach.
  • Payment partners provide deep, local experiences across the globe.
  • Pre-built integrations offer ease of implementation, speed to market, and faster revenue growth.
  • Custom implementations provide flexibility to suit specific business, technical, and operational needs.

Partnering with market leaders enables us to deliver the right solutions for your business needs.

Digital River's Partner Network

Three partner programs. Boundless expertise.

Ecosystem Provider Partners

Our numerous ecosystem partners deliver value by filling gaps or extending offerings in the areas of marketing, technology, and services. These partners:

  • Develop, market, and deliver digital marketing solutions that enhance our core marketing services.
  • Provide technology to help generate demand, improve ROI and enhance the customer experience.
  • Support our open modular platform strategy and enable plug-and-play configurations of best-of-breed solutions.

Payments Reseller Partners

Our wide range of partners in the payments program can globally extend the breadth and depth of your payment options, supporting your entry into top emerging markets. Our suite of solutions can provide you with:

  • A single interface to a global network of card acquirers and alternative payment methods.
  • Scalable solutions that give you complete control over how you choose to integrate, market, and bill your end users.
  • Integration options that include services such as hosted shopping carts, basic payment forms, advanced tokenized processing systems, credit card merchant service, support of major card brands, and recurring billing.

Strategic Alliance Partners

Our Strategic Alliance partners are selected from the best of the best in the areas of strategy, system integration, and global agency services. These partners include:

  • Global system integrators that build and execute sophisticated, cross-platform commerce implementations.
  • Digital agencies that provide strategic direction and consulting for enterprise digital marketing.
  • Technology partners that provide key platform support for large enterprises.

Digital River’s Partner Network offers breadth and depth unmatched in the industry. From pre-built integrations to custom implementations, the hallmarks of our partnerships are speed, efficiency, and opportunity. Our partners’ experience and capabilities provide you best in class, category leading solutions, which will help you reduce time to market, manage costs, and improve ROI across your ecommerce business.

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