Shinetech Software Logo

Shinetech Software was founded in 2001 and their vision and goal are “to be the most suitable company for programmers to work and self-development”. Founded 20 years ago, they have been committed to the innovation of enterprise management concepts, to provide a free, open cooperation environment and let programmers have the opportunity to achieve personal growth.

Shinetech Software is a trusted software development partner with more than 1,000 customers in more than 30 countries. Shinetech provides customized innovative software development services tailored to the development characteristics and needs of different types of enterprises and is committed to solving the challenges and problems encountered by different enterprises in the process of digitalization.

Since its establishment in 2001, Shinetech has developed fast problem solving and business value software for IT, warehousing and logistics, education and training, tourism, aquaculture, catering, finance, insurance, medical, automotive, and other industries. Through digitization and internetization, the company has successfully helped clients to achieve business innovation, development, and management reform.

At Shinetech, they give their employees enough trust to not measure their efforts by hours, but by the quality of their output. Sufficient freedom and space thus stimulate the ability and creativity of programmers to think independently. This helps programmers to understand customers’ positions, based on customers’ business characteristics and digital goals, work with customers to face problems, develop software that can solve problems quickly, and bring real value to customers. In the process, value is realized for both programmers and customers, and Shinetech is getting closer to realizing its vision and goals. Learn more here.