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What You Get With This Partnership

Apply Digital and Digital River help retail clients with internationalisation. Digital River makes it easier to transact across borders with their Tax, Fraud & Compliance software, whilst Apply Digital have built 10s+ of enterprise internationalised websites. We’re also excited to have built their commercetools connector, giving merchants a quicker and easier way to use both commercetools and Digital River together.

Apply Digital solves complex problems with well-executed digital solutions for some of the most respected brands in the world. We help our clients gain a competitive advantage and delight users with expertly executed digital solutions.

As a MACH Alliance member, Apply Digital future-proofs clients’ businesses using composable tech stacks to allow rapid adaptation to the market. MACH leverages best-of-need technologies that are Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless. Apply Digital’s approach to platform design and development enables cost-effective scaling, continuous experimentation, and iterative, low-cost change.

Headquartered in Vancouver, additional office around the globe include Toronto, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, São Paulo, Santiago, Amsterdam, and Auckland. Learn more here.


Why Apply Digital is a Leading System Integrator & Agency Partner


  • Commerce Specialists: Cart and Payments, Promotion, Personalization, and Recommendation
  • Systems of Record Integration, Product Information Management
  • Web, Mobile, Voice, TV and Car Apps


  • Utilities, Internal Tools and Customisation
  • $60M+ revenue
  • 700 Global Employees
  • North America, Latin America, United Kingdom and Europe

Combined Commerce Platform Expertise

Digital River and Apply Digital have combined expertise in these leading technology platforms to provide clients with the choice that best fits their commerce needs. This experience results in accelerated time to market for brands who select Apply Digital and Digital River as partners in their commerce journey.