Founded in 2012 in Shanghai, WINIT offers a world class supply chain management capability to cross-border ecommerce merchants through their transparent, compliant, cost-effective “door-to-door” solution that not only helps to improve inventory management, but also creates a localized competitive advantage.

WINIT has 14 overseas warehouses globally that cover major ecommerce markets such as the US, UK, EU and Australia that provide localized fulfillment and return experiences. They also have 9 domestic transfer warehouses and 30 direct-shipping operation centers within China, serving more than 20,000 merchants to sell overseas. They are able to process up to 600,000 packages daily in their overseas warehouses and 300,000 packages daily for direct shipping.

In 2014, WINIT engaged in a strategic partnership with eBay and in 2019, WINIT became a Cai Niao certified official overseas warehouse provider. Learn more about WINIT here.