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Payment Method Guide

Discover the diverse payment methods and options you can offer shoppers globally with Digital River.

Payment Method Guide
Country Guide

Not all countries or territories may be represented. Some may not be available due to embargoes or other restrictions. For further information please contact us.


All Payment Methods for United Kingdom: Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are a popular, cost-efficient payment method leveraged around the world. They allow shoppers to make payments online directly from their bank account to a merchant’s bank account. Bank transfers are typically processed within 3 to 4 business days and are limited to bank accounts within the same country, with the exception of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) where shoppers are able to leverage bank transfers across countries in Europe. Most often bank transfer payments are used by shoppers to pay bills.

Trustly Bank Transfer
Available with Digital River in 10 Countries/Territories

Processing Currencies

Available currencies will depend on the payment method provider, as well as any regulatory restrictions. The currency capabilities with restrictions are indicated with an asterisk (*) below.

Customer Experience

The payment flow that the shopper experiences using this payment method.

Payment Type

Trustly is a high demand bank transfer payment across Europe. This payment method allows shoppers to make or receive payments securely by signing-in from the merchant’s site or app without a card.

Payment Details

Key Benefits Trustly offers payments to and from consumer bank accounts for 6,000+ banks across Europe. Including Trustly at checkout increases shopper loyalty by offering the ease of paying directly from their preferred bank account. Merchants also benefit from an authenticated payment - meaning zero chargeback risk! How it Works

Once the shopper selects Trustly at checkout they are redirected to the Trustly interface. From here they choose which bank they want to leverage and login using two-factor authentication. The shopper then chooses the account they want to pay from and verifies payment.

  • Cross-Border Transactions
  • In-Country Transactions
  • Multiple Partial Captures
  • No Chargeback RIsk
  • Non-recurring Transactions
  • Refunds

Trustly Global Availability

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